Form 3 student stabs maths teacher to death with compass

student stabs maths teacher

When the news broke that a form 3 student had stabbed his maths teacher to death with a compass, many wondered how such a thing could occur. The sad incident happened during a maths class lesson.

According to sources, the 15-year-old form 3 student had pre-planned to harm the teacher. Following some misunderstandings in earlier encounters, he vowed to kill the teacher.

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Students in school today are becoming violent and aggressive in an attempt to have their way when teachers begin to be firm with tules and regulations governing conduct and behaviours acceptable within the school environment.

This sad event occurred in Cameroon in a Government High School in Nkolbisson. The news was first shared on twitter and read “So this young Secondary school Maths teacher, Mr Ndjomi Tchakounté Maurice, was stabbed to death in class today by a student. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain of his family and loved ones. How could this happen? I don’t recognize this. Lord!”

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The hurt and dying Mathematics teacher Mr Ndjomi Tchakounté Maurice was rushed to the nearest health facility, the Yaounde University Teaching Hospital but medical officers and doctors at the post at the time could do little to save his life.

Police investigations have revealed that the student premeditated his actions as following an argument.

The suspect has been picked by the police for further investigations. Student stabs maths teacher the last thing school authorities ever imagined to happen.

The safety of teachers needed to be beefed up in schools across Africa as today’s students have become violent and disrespectful and enjoy being deviant.

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This student stabs maths teacher outcome must be a wake-up call to schools to introduce better counselling and student orientation on dos and donts whiles ensuring that, students who show signs of aggressiveness are reported to school authorities and the police ahead of time.

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