Flat Earth Conspiracy : The earth is flat proofs getting proven around the globe

Flat Earth Conspiracy is gaining momentum and the world may soon receive scientific proofs that after all the earth was flat and not round as we have been made to believe all this while.

The world long ago held the belief that, the earth was flat. This belief spanned countless generations. One Ferdinand Magellan traveled the world over between 1519-1521 and concluded that the earth was actually spherical. This assertion was challenged by ancient Greek astronomers. 

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But how easy will it be to convince several generations on earth today that the earth is actually flat? This conspiracy is not only getting many of us confused but many are also asking if we have been lied to just to hide some a darker core of the issues.

Who is telling us the truth? if the earth round or flat? The Conspiracy theorists who hold the view that the earth is flat would be heading to the “end of the world” to prove the Earth isn’t a sphere. The flat earthers will try to get to Antarctica by boat in an attempt to find what is called the frozen barrier.  The frozen barrier they believe is an “ice wall”  at the edge of our world.  It is believed to be the wall surrounding the earth, it is hundreds of metres thick and 50 metres high.

Flat earthers could change our understanding of our world’ s shape from the highly undisputed spherical nature to a flat one is they prove beyond reasonable doubt. 

Flat Earth Conspiracy
Edge of the earth?


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Flat Earth Conspiracy believers disagree that one could fall off the edge of the earth. For them, the earth is dome and all the heavenly bodies ; So the sun, moon, and stars are all inside.


The flat earth theory according to many is an  archaic belief that the earth looks like a disk . It was popular among ancient cultures as well as the Romans. It was strongly disproved in 330 BC by Aristotle. Pythagoras in the 6th century also suggested the earth was spherical 

However, today’s flat earth theories are of the view that the earth is a disc or a pentagon and it is also surrounded by mountains or a wall of ice. They hold a strong opposite view and believe the round earth theory is a big lie orchestrated by governments. 

The flat earth theory days the earth never orbits the sun. According to research, some  flat earth theory believers rely on literal interpretations of biblical literature, which provide the basis for the beliefs. 



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