FaceApp trending Artificial Intelligence (AI) App may be a dangerous spying app

The FaceApp is an app that has gone viral and functions as an app that ages your face. It gives you how you will look when you are old. For this reason, and the fun it comes with, the FaceApp on Google play store has become the most trending Artificial Intelligence (AI) app today. It is trending across the globe and the fever has caught up with users of android and others phones in Ghana, Nigeria and across Africa.

FaceApp as an AI app has advanced neural portrait editing technology within it enabling it to function the way it does. It is giving users, I mean everyone who they will look like at age 50. The fact is that, over 2040 people have posted their faces in the last few hours, thanks to the FaceApp challenge. The app has 100,000,000+ installations on phones already. Also read: Trending Apps 

This app has gone viral but we should be worried. Very often apps that go viral may not just be because of the fun and problem it seems to be solving. I ask, is this the end product of the ten years challenge that many of us joined by sharing two pictures of us, thus current and an old picture on facebook?

What does the FaceApp do?

Briefly, the artificial intelligence of the app enables it to give you an improved selfie of yourself so you can have some fun. It can swap your gender, your hair style as well as generate other amazing transformations.

Whiles you are enjoying this app and tagging it as amazing, your privacy is being violated without you knowing exactly what your image and information is being used for.

This app has shot to the top of the Apple and Google store charts and privacy advocates has flagged the app red. Take note that, it is an app made in Russia and you should be worried.

What if this FaceApp is secretly downloading all your photos on your phone? You cannot tell the secrets behind such apps and following the fun part makes you fall a victim. But I know, in Africa and for that matter, Ghana and Nigeria, as examples, we do not take are security as individuals and our safety serious in most things. We are chasing fun because the app is giving as a likely old age image of our selves. Let us be careful and remember, not all that glitters is gold including this app.

This links face app on Google Play can help you access this app.

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