3-year-old sold to feed 22 other children, 14-yr-old daughter already sold

3-year-old sold to feed 22 other children, 14-yr-old daughter already sold
3-year-old sold to feed 22 other children, 14-yr-old daughter already sold
3-year-old and dad

3-year-old sold to feed 22 other children is a weird news but this is the reality of what poverty can force people to do. Ayuba John, a 42-year-old farmer who is presently in police custody.

He was arrested by officials of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) while trying to sell his 3-year-old son, Solomon Ayuba, for five million naira. Five million naira is equivalent to 13,831dollars13 cents.

He has five wives and 23 children-13 boys and 10 women, according to the suspect, he was affected by last year’s herdsmen / farmers crisis.

He added that feeding and taking care of the children has become a huge burden and t is becoming increasingly difficult, so he wanted to sell one of his children to take care of the others.

After several attempts to raise money from other sources to take care of his family, the decision to sell his son was not a success. He now claims he regrets his actions because he had no excuse to do so.

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3-year-old sold to feed 22 other children
3-year-old sold and his father

He also added that, he could not imagine that, poverty was that tempting to push him to the extent of trading his own son for cash to survive.

His crops failed to yield during the farming season because of the lack of funds to buy the needed quantity and this was also a contributing factor to his decision.

“I had borrowed a lot of money and my debtors are not willing to loan me money again. It was at this point that I first thought of committing suicide.

But on the second thought, I realized that that will only worsen the situation of the rest of the children,” he said.

The father of 23 children used to produce staple foods including rice, maize, millet and yams as well as sorghum in large quantities.

He shocking revealed that none of the 23 children was in school dues to his current financial crisis.

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Upon a second thought, he felt, parting with one of his 23 children to solve his problems sounded and felt good.

“I felt normal when the idea cropped into my mind.

But the consequence of my action only became clearer to me and I felt cold for the first time when I was picked up by the NSCDC.

The suspect who is in the custody of the Nigerian police is also suspected of selling off Hajara Ayuba, his his 14 year old daughter, for ritual purposes in Owerri, Imo State .

3-year-old sold to feed 22 other children is under investigations to unravel more. The Nigerian police is investigating the cases.

Source: NewsGhana24

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