Gunman kills 2 people in the parking lot at Oklahoma Walmart

Gunman kills 2 people in the parking lot at Oklahoma Walmart, police say. The information coming in indicates that lost their lives after a gunman opened fire Monday.

This occurred right at Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma. After shooting the two, the gunman reportedly turned the gun on himself.

The Duncan Police Department via  a post on Facebook indicated that one man and a woman who were in a car were killed by the gun man at the Walmart, and that another man was found dead outside the car.
It was not clear if the gunman was counted as one of those who are dead.
Eye witnesses have indicated that, the gunman opened fire on him self after shooting the other two. He shot himself after  a bystander confronted him with a firearm.
However, publications by Duncan Banner has indicated that gunman was one of the three killed in the parking lot.
At the scene of the crime, a handgun was recovered by the police.
The police have also indicated that, they are locking down the school  until the police have declared the area safe. Since the Gunman kills at 2 , investigations are underway. The information on the incident is scanty and as and when updates on this news comes in, we will update out cherished readers as police investigations and findings come in.

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