BRIBE Policeman in SAKAWA case unmasked; arrested and detained


The BRIBE infested attitude of General Sergeant Owusu Ansah, a police officer captured in a video trending on social media has led to his arrest and detention for allegedly negotiating and taking a bribe in connection with a SAKAWA case.

General Sergeant Owusu Ansah with the police staff No.  45533 stationed at the Assin Fosu Division of the Ghana Police Service was captured openly negotiating a bribe and taking steps to receive the bribe.

According to the information coming in on the said bribery story, the whole act took place in a drinking spot as he attempted to cover up, in a cyber-crime and narcotic case.

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DSP Mrs Irene Oppong of the Central Regional Police Public Relations Office has issued a press release indicating that the police officer, General Sergeant Owusu Ansah has been arrested by the Ghana Police and detained to provide the police with the needed information and assistance in this investigations.

In the said video, the officer bragged about his ability to set criminals free. This if he is able to accomplish allows him to receive compensations. In the video, the officer claimed that he will give a portion of the money to his senior officer which will ensure the police protect the criminals so they can be able to act out their criminal activities without the police worrying them.

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When the fraudsters were convinced that, the officer could deliver the service, they gave him a huge some so money. He received it, never bothered to count it only promising to do so when he gets home.

The Ghana police have promised to leave no stone unturned to reach the bottom of the matter by doing a thorough investigation. This any other important facts were contained in a press release dated 21st May 2019, from the Ghana police service in which the Ghana police called on the general public who have information on relating to the said video to come out with it to aid the investigations.

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