Bribe Infested Policeman bragging and taking a bribe

Ghana has been hit by another video in which a bribe infested policeman is seen bragging and taking bribe of GHS2000.00. In the video which is making rounds on social media, a police officer identified as Sergeant Kwaku Owusu Ansah is seen to be taking bribe from suspected criminals. 

The police officer is suspected to be stationed in the Central Region at the Assin Fosu Divisional Police Command.

The suspected criminals according to Central Regional Correspondent, Alfred Amoh of Adom News were busted the police officer seen in the video and his colleagues while returning from a patrol.

The police officer, who should know the law inside out and run away from the attempt to take bribe rather secretly negotiated a bail with the suspects for GHc2, 000.00

But, he was captured in a video. In the video, he bragged about his post, and abilities and gave the giving assurance that the suspects would be released if they paid the GHc2, 000.00

Ghana Police taking a bribe
Ghana Police taking a bribe

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He is heard in the video saying  “I have a friend called Alkaline who has brought eight of his guys to me and gave me money which I took and so I have ways of protecting these guys without being tormented by the police,”

He promised to give part of the negotiated price to his co-worker, a police officer to help protect them. He received the money buy was careful with how he handled it by not counting it. The person who took the video is yet to be known, will follow the story and update its cherished readers with authentic and accurate reporting on this story as the story unfolds and the Ghana police take steps to redeem itself once again.

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In recent times, the Ghana Police has been on the hot seat on issues relating to the giving of false hope on kidnapping to Ghanaians and the subsequent call by the public that the CID boss should step down. Just as the issue seems to be calming down, this issue of police bribery and letting criminals avoid the law has surfaced again.

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