HOT VIDEO: SHS3 student at Yendi SHS (YESS) maltreating Juniors like slaves


A Senior at Yendi SHS (YESS) has been caught on camera maltreating her juniors in the trending video making rounds on social media posted by North Star FM 92.1mhz located in Tamale. The unidentified female student is seen dishing out several lashes using what looked like a belt. The five (5) juniors caught on camera were kneeling down while the senior kept dishing out the strong strokes to the back. Ta! Ta! Ta! The sound from the lashes echoed into the open air from the foreground of the school’s girls dormitory.

The juniors looked suppressed, helpless and overpowered by an energetic and courageous senior. She looked like someone who had a lot of influence. As she dished out the lashes, others only looked on helpless while another senior kept instructing the girls to kneel down. Probably an attempt to plead for others may cause them to be called to receive their share if they there said anything about it.

The about 12 seconds video is enough to tell anyone who sees it the ordeal the juniors are going through in the hands of a senior that seems to be treating them like slaves. This amounts to serious abuse under the watchful eyes of the dorm mistress, teachers and the administration of the school.

The Ghana Education Service must act now and get this senior female student arrested for abusing the juniors. Parents have been told by the GES to take on any teacher that canes their wards. This act is by a senior what must the parents do?. When teachers fail to act because of such directives, these are the things we are bound to find in our schools. Absolute lawlessness in the name of laws and sanctions against teachers who act to instil discipline in schools and children.

Watch the video below


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