Bishop James Saah has charged final year UPSA Graduate Students to “MAKE A DIFFERENCE”

Bishop James Saah has charged final year students of UPSA Graduate School to “MAKE A DIFFERENCE” at the school of graduate studies practitioners’ forum, a series of talks to equip final year students with skills, knowledge and information that will propel them to become agents of true positive change when they enter the world of work.

Speaking at the program, Bishop James Saah said development is knowledge intensive and that, in the presence of crisis, people around the world have come out with solutions to problems that have stood the test of time. Bishop James Saah cited Microsoft, Disney and other multinational and international businesses and global brands which came into existence during the great depressions, recessions and crisis.  

For students to be able to make a difference, there is no need to be afraid in the face of opportunities. He was of the view that, most people are afraid of crisis, which is supposed to be a time when novel ideas are born to solve problems. Bishop James Saah informed the over 200 participants that to take advantage of opportunities, one needs to prepare for the future. According to him, success does not come based on where you are but based on how you think as an individual.

Bishop James Saah has charged final year UPSA Graduate Students to “MAKE A DIFFERENCE”
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 He informed participants that, the success of today is no guarantee for tomorrow hence there is the need to have a vision for the future. He based some of the thought provoking issues on biblical text and characters such as the Philistines, David, Goliath and Saul who represented Major competitors, an individual with a solution, a competitor with monopoly power and a leader who has experienced failure respectively.

One of the several striking statements he made on the night was “The letter of appointment does not deliver results” He used this to demonstrate to the students the need to produce results to justify their need to hold such positions, make a difference and prove their worth on the job. Thus, to deliver results “If you think a letter of appointment is a guarantee for success, you lie” he added. Students were charged to take up responsibility, perform their duties and deliver instead of complaining that, their bosses are giving them pressure.

The speaker revealed that, leaders of organizations are very important, however, every company is an extended shadow of the leader. An institution can therefore progress as far as the leader. The students were advised to take advantages of opportunities that come their way , use their skills as stepping stones to greatness just as biblical David who used his experience and skills in killing a bear and a lion to defeat the might Goliath.

Opportunity he said is an agent of change which must be taken without fear but to succeed after taken the opportunity, one’s skill is crucial. Anyone who has the requisite skill is prepared for the opportunity and must take calculated risk because the future belongs to risk takers.

Participants were also advised not to despise leadership even if they have all the skills and knowledge but be humble at all times.

Individuals and companies that are not relevant and therefore lose steam are those that, failed to change with times, could not lead with vision, failed to seek new business and new markets. To ensure that, the students are guided and focused in the face of calamity, they were challenged to always prioritize by ensuring they decipher between what needs to be done urgently from what is important, face problems head on and find solutions to them because that is what makes you relevant keeping in mind that, the education they have received is aimed at providing critical solutions to challenging problems in business and the world at large. Participants were further cautioned to treat people well, with respect and dignity since people are doors to opportunities. This he said requires that, one has the needed people management and skills.

Present at the function was the Vice Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, Professor Abednego Okoe Feehi Amartey who graced the occasion alongside other high profile representatives from the School of Graduate Studies and Research of UPSA. Earlier in the month , UPSA Graduate students’ were schooled on truth, character, and discipline at the 2019 practitioners forum-The uncommon worker

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