Free SHS is an NPP strategy to get Students to vote for Nana in 2020 – Hassan Ayariga

All People’s Congress (ACP)- Hon. Hassan Ayariga

The founder and leader of the All People’s Congress (ACP) Hon. Hassan Ayariga has revealed during the mid-year budget review program on Pan Africa Television that, NPP did not start free SHS to actually help Ghanaians but to win sympathetic votes from SHS graduates who will be leaving school at age 18 or more to vote for the NPP in the 2020 general election. The outspoke leader of the All Poeple’s Congress revealed this  in the TV program monitored by

“I am not against the implementation of the Free Senior High School it’s a good policy for them to start but what was their intention?“ Their intention is that most of the students who are going to vote will begin at the Senior High School; they will now turn 18 so the policy was to look for students who will vote for them to win the election, not those they were trying to educate to change Ghana’s economy.

They are not interested in the educational system of Ghana, but they are interested in the educational system that will give them votes so they went looking for the Free SHS because at that level, they attain the ages of 18, 19, 20, 21 and so they become voting-age people who will vote in 2020. Hence all senior high students are going to yell for Nana Addo and it’s a mass production which will lead to mass dropouts.”  


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Hon. Ayariga did not mince words as he answered questions on several sectors of the economy including education.  He is of the view that the best place to start free education is the basic school where many Ghanaians cannot afford to send their wards to school and not at the Senior High School level.

He believes that primary and JHS should be the focal point but the government abandoned the fundamental foundation of education and focused on providing “Free education” to Senior High School students.

“Who told you they are not in school, the people are already in school, and you say you are giving them free education. I don’t get it. What makes it free? I am already in school paying my school fees and other things” he said. According to him, the Free SHS is a subsidy. The government is only saying as for school fees you don’t have to pay but for others, the ordinary people must pay.

“So you say because of your Free Senior High School, Ghanaian students can now go to school. Ghanaian students don’t start school from Senior High School, so your Free Senior High School”. He criticized the policy saying it did not increase enrollment at the Junior level.

He asserted that, as a nation what we need is the enrollment of children who cannot get the opportunity to go to school and that such persons who need help don’t start from the Senior High Level but the primary school level, hence sees the Free SHS is a misplaced priority.


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