(Beautiful Pictures)- Meet the Parents of 12-year-old University Student

Viemens Bamfo is one lucky young chap, whose parents will forever be proud of their son for setting one big record that will take a lot of guts to break in recent times.

Many children of his age are pre occupied with many things but his father managed to transform him into a university student at age 12 with the help of the mum.

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The proud parents of the 12-year-old University of Ghana Public Administration student are Mr. Robert Bamfo and mother Mavis Bamfo.

They beam with smiles in a pose together with Bamfo who has shot to the limelight.

Mr. Robert Bamfo, Viemens and mother Mavis Bamfo

Many children his age may be in Primary 5,6 or JHS. Whiles many of his age mates are yet to write the BECE, he is lacing his boasts and rocking his brains at the biggest stage, at the University.

Viemens Bamfo was home-schooled by his father Mr. Robert Bamfo and the little chap gained admission at the University of Ghana’s Distance Education School.

Viemens Bamfo – All smiles

According to his father’s account, the boy, Viemens Bamfo, dropped out of school after the lower primary.

It sounds great but some people think he should have been allowed to enjoy his childhood. They argued that we may not see the effects now but later yet they went ahead to wish him the very best.


Talking about missing his childhood brings to mind Micheal Jackson fo blessed memory. At the age of 12, some believe his hormones are not fully developed to handle the temptations of university life and that 16 years would have been cool.

Viemens Bamfo – All smiles

However, another section of the Ghanaian public believes Viemen Bamfo is a signpost to youth in society. However, he should be an inspiration to his age mates and children in Ghana because he is not yet a youth. Ghana’s youth are those within the age s of 15-35.

One thing is certain, and that is many Ghanaian parents are busy looking for money and cannot multitask between work and teaching their kids. It’s even difficult for many Ghanaian parents to help their children do their homework.

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