8 God forbid dangers of Comprehensive Sexuality Education to your child

8 God forbid dangers of Comprehensive Sexuality Education to your child that must alarm you if you really care about your child and the future of this world we find ourselves in.

Introducing the comprehensive sexuality education ideas to those as young as kindergarten is a clear indication that our leadership and Government, GES and MoE have lost their moral values and rights.Dont fire in hands of kids.Also Read: Slavery All Over Again

Dangers of Comprehensive Sexuality Education

1. Already Ghana and many African countries are battling with increasing teenage pregnancy and sexual promiscuity.

CSE will further promote sexual pleasure and promiscuity among children at an early age.

What do five-year old kids need CSE for? Why is it that, we do not teach University subjects at the pre-schools and masters programs at the JHS? It’s simple; the children must mature to learn these things.

Fact, some things and knowledge are meant for adults.

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2. Our children will be made to believe that abortion is right and there is nothing wrong with it.

This is absolutely unacceptable in our culture and the faiths in Ghana. We don’t want our children to become sexually active so young when they no absolutely nothing.

There is a difference between information and knowledge. Leave the Ghanaian child alone and out of this.

3. Children through this well orchestrate attempt will be convinced and brainwashed to experiment sex and become sexually active without seeing anything wrong with it.

Sex if first for procreation and lastly for pleasure. What do children need this for?

Children of all ages will soon begin to have sexual relations with those of their own sex and the opposite sex and see it as normal to powers that are pushing this evil agenda. This is an abomination.

4. They claim that our children have the right to engage in all the above and that these are rights. These are not human rights, they are brainwashing us to see the wrong as right.

When children see their destruction rather as a right, then they will grow to fight for it. We don’t want children to start calling their dogs their fathers and their cats their mothers.

5. This thing called CSE is being used to teach children and the youth that, they are sexual from birth.

Thus they can be sexually active at an earlier age like age five. It promotes the use of condoms and teaches children how to use it.

How can this kind of education be safe for children? Sadly these things will be taught in our schools without the consent of parents. Again, this CSE does not in any way educate children about the how the use of condoms can fail the user.

6. CSE should be fought with our lives and blood because; it does not give parents respect as the biological owners of their children and disregards our religions and faith which frown on these things they want our children to learn.

It was not for fun that there were attempt to take out the teaching of Religious and moral Education. It is no longer a core subject at the SHS and will soon be taken out of our Basic schools entirely.

It further goes ahead to promote and counsel children on sexual issues, gives them sex related information and services as minors without parental consent.

7. It also goes a step further to make children advocate for their “sexual rights”. Can you imagine your six or seven year old kid coming home to tell you mum / dad, I have the right to be sexually active, it is my body.

8. Another danger is that, the CSE permits children to learn about their sexuality from their peers and not from parents and adults. We all know the effects of negative peer pressure but CSE see nothing wrong with that and is encouraging “peer to peer” sexuality education.

We as Ghanaians are saying we, don’t want this and policy makers and politicians who have been put in place to push this agenda must know that, they are our servants and that its only what the people want that must prevail.

Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond |Human Rights Activist|Author| Public Speaker| Budding Leadership and Research Expert |Educationist and Author |Newsghana24.com

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