Coronavirus: Arrest Hawkers Selling Nose Mask for Ghs5-Ghs10 @ Dzorwulo Traffic light


Coronavirus is here and we have to fight it together but some Ghanaians are only thinking of their selfish gains through high prices.

Hawkers selling nose mask for between Ghs5 and Ghs10 at Dzorwulo traffic light close to the Fiesta Royal Hotel on the N1 road must be arrested by the security officers, the Ghana Police.

How can Ghanaians together fight and protect ourselves from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) if we are increasing the price every now and then of basic essentials like the nose mask?

These hawkers instead of looking at a marginal profit, are taking advantage of commuters and the seeming shortage of nose masks on the market to make a supernormal profit.

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As if this is not enough, they are selling surgical gloves between GHS3.00 and GHS5.00. The danger of buying these masks from these hawkers even makes it more unsafe for buyers since they are not all being handled very well by these hawkers selling in traffic.

To confirm the stories, we hit the streets and managed to get some of the gloves at GHS5.00 for one. These nose masks should sell at not more than GHS1.50 for one or at worse Ghs2.00.

A Newsghana24 gathered that many commuters would prefer to have some of these protective clothing to guard against the coronavirus, however, the shortage and high prices are rather compelling people to use handkerchief and face towels.

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It will be proper that supplies are made available to all shops, pharmacies and drug stores around the country and a price ceiling introduced to curtail the skyrocketing prices of these basic supplies needed for public safety.

It is time to arrest hawkers selling nose masks for Ghs5 to Ghs10 at Dzorwulo traffic light to deter like-minded hawkers and to protect consumers and the likely spread of the COVID-19 in Ghana.

This is the time to be each other’s keeper, from the hawkers on the street to every one of us. Be a citizen not a spectator.

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