BREAKING VIDEO: Potential cure for COVID-19 found by a Ghanaian

otential cure for COVID-19 found

Apparently a potential cure for COVID-19 has been found by a Ghanaian. The diet supplement is called COA FS. The supplement has been used to help patients in China.

The wonders of the African herbalist may be breaking into the world’s limelight at this critical moment.

The Potential cure for COVID-19 found by a Ghanaian was sent to China upon request by a doctor and it has helped in the treatment. However, it is yet to be scientifically tested.

The supplement has helped many who have suffered the COVID-19.

Two patients recovered from COVID-19 after 5 days of administering the supplement. The news was reported on Ghonetv 

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What does COA FS do?
COA FS (COA Food Supplement) is a herbal medicine, which derives its name from the Ghanaian-based manufacturer called Centre of Awareness (COA). It is designed to be an efficient immune booster to help one’s immune system fight diseases and disease-causing viruses, bacteria and others.
COA FShas duly been registered by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Ghana as an immune booster for general wellbeing.
Benefits of COA FS according to the manufacturers or producers
  • Lowering of plasma cholesterol levels in humans
  • Anti-carcinogenic activity
  • Inhibitory effect on the infectivity of HIV in-vitro
  • Protects the liver from injury



14 thoughts on “BREAKING VIDEO: Potential cure for COVID-19 found by a Ghanaian

  1. I have a proven testimony to this COA FS and I therefore suggest Government of Ghana should subsidized this to all Ghanaians

    1. Well we thank God for given a Ghanaian this recovery. I appeal to the president of Ghana to consult the person and buy the supplement from him to cure Ghanaians

    2. I suggest government to calling in for the doctor who has the COA FS to help save life’s of Ghanaian’s and the world as a whole…

  2. My problem here is that, has the media also thought of reaching the president with this remedy?
    Media as i know is a channel through which message is reached to destinations in fact, across the globe.
    If this has not, then where the info has reached, it should also be transmitted to the president to quickly save lives of this Citizen

  3. I think I have seen this supplement at CPMR (Center for Plant Medicine Research). If it has the potential to be approved and used by the Center, it might be very potent because I trust CPMR

  4. I’m deeply grateful for the break through,, the media attention be drawn to it,then the necessary support should be given him to expand and produce in large quantities,, if indeed prove to be potent,, I’m suggesting to the producer to intensifies advertisements on radio .

  5. Great achievement brethren. Immune booster and colesterol lowering enhancer as well. How do we get supply and how much?

  6. Great achievement brethren. Immune booster and colesterol lowering enhancer as well. How do we get supply and how much? Kudos my people

  7. The product was sent to China and has since helped to cure some patients of COVID-19, what is the government of Ghana waiting for? How did the Chinese got to know and asked for the product to be brought to their country and we are here with it? Hmm.

  8. We thank God for his mercy upon us🙏. May God continue to help the person and go e him long life. If the cure is found in Ghana then it is a blessing to Ghana and the whole world wide

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