What smart WASSCE/BECE students do the night before an exam

What smart WASSCE/BECE students do the night before an exam

What smart WASSCE/BECE students do the night before an exam has continued to set them apart a few hours to the exams. The 2020 WASSCE/BECE will be another opportunity for such students and you can be part of them if you take what I share with you in this write up serious.

It is all about how to pass your WASSCE 2020 examination or the BECE 2020 which ever you are preparing for. If you are a candidate, don’t joke with our 2020 WASSCE/BECE Revision Strategies for School Candidates.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are successful in an exam is that you relax and refresh yourself before you begin. That means sleeping well in advance. As you presume, it’s not as easy to achieve a successful sleep the night before an exam.

It also focuses on the topic areas you’re less sure that you will be focused on later and perhaps even during the night.

But have you read my Definitive Guide on How to Learn and Retain (BECE & WASSCE)it is also a perfect source of ideas to help you retain much of what you learn and smash the WASSCE OR BECE and come out with excellent results. I believe you will enter the WAEC exams more ready if you take these write-ups serious.

You may believe that it is to your advantage to continue to work and over learn, but it really does more harm than good in most situations.

An alert mind is much more useful than a tired one for your examination. While the subject may not be as well known to you as it might be, it is now too late to do anything. Make sure you do the best of your work.

The benefit of an active mind is far above the cost of any extra revision, which you would have achieved in the late afternoon when you are exhausted.

Everything that happens stops working 2 hours before you go to bed, (and don’t make it too late!). Set aside your books and notes and relax and have some time.

Don’t even let yourself focus on the next test – you’ve worked very hard and you’re going to be okay. Watch TV, visit a friend (but don’t talk about job), or maybe read a book. What you do will not matter as long as you understand the work you do. It doesn’t matter.

Every smart WASSCE/BECE students should be in a better mental state if you have spent a few hours relaxing to sleep well than if you have stopped working, and went directly to bed.

You may find that while you are lying in a bed drifting away to sleep, you can not stop thinking about all the small issues you still want to fix. If you do, try to be aware of what you want and set your alarm so you can solve the problems an hour early. (Don’t get up early for more than an hour-you’re going to get tired and ruin all the good that a good night’s sleep has done).

If you’re not doing anything about these little things, they’re going to play on your mind and stop you from sleeping.

When you write them down, your mind will be clear because you know that you’re going to sort it out but in the morning.

I always used to go to bed with a pen and paper to note any issues that came to me while in bed. If you are a smart WASSCE/BECE students try this as well.

I noticed that the fact that I was in a position by which I knew that any issues would be dealt with helped me calm and rendered my mindless busy.

Be sure the final study activity you are going to do on the evening before an exam does not get so deep into the night to prevent you from having enough sleep

This provides your subconscious an opportunity to chew things over while you’re asleep and will make sure you’re mentally better equipped for the next day.

It implies if you have a morning and afternoon examination then your last session will be on the morning examination subject.


Get a good nights sleep the day before the examination or paper

Stop working and learning at least 2 hours before going to bed

Relax the mind and body and try to unwind before bedtime

Keep a pen and paper the bed to write down last-minute problems

If the need be, get up an hour early to sort out problems ahead of the exams.

Source: Wisdom Hammond | NewsGhana24

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