Indian cow’s milk golden-Dilip Ghosh breaks the Internet

Is Indian cow’s milk golden? Well, your jaw may have dropped but that is the message that Dilip Ghosh used to break the Internet.

The Internet is highly entertaining with Dilip Ghosh, the Chief of the BJP in West Bengal declaring that the gold is in Indian cows ‘ milk.

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In a program in the Burdwan district, Ghosh said, “A feature of Indian cows is that their milk contains gold. That’s why the color of milk is yellowish.”

In his speech, Ghosh also rationalized the reason underneath his’ gold’ viewpoint on cow’s milk and added, “Indian cows have humps that foreign cows do not have.

Overseas cows have a straight back, like a buffalo.

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Many have taken to the internet to find out who was his science teacher as they found his statement unscientific and not backed by any research.

Accoding to him, the milk is able to turn yellow or golden and with its Preventative mechanisms one can drink it and survive for life.

He said, one does not need to eat any other food becuase, the Indian milk is a complete meal on it own.

Well he may have a point but what are the poeple saying on the internet via social media? Your guess is as good as mine.

The digital world found it hard to figure out all the reasoning in Ghosh’s assertion and did come up with funny explanations:

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