Man defiles girl multiple times, gets lucky with Just 15 years

Just as it will be difficult for anyone to defile a child and go unpunished, one Daniel Owusu, a chain-saw operator suffered prison sentence for the act. His sentence was caused by his lust for the stepdaughter. He defiled the 12 year old girl multiple times over a number of days in August.

As fate will have it, he was handed 15 years jail sentence by the Cape Coast Circuit Court to serve in hard labour.

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Owusu, Daniel Owusu was handed the sentence on his own plea to the court presided over by Mrs Dorinda Arthur Smith. According to the story, the complainant is the father of the victim.

They shared the same residence with Owusu at Twifo Adjetey Camp. Owusu lived in the same room with the victim and his wife for about a year.

How Man defiled girl multiple times

In August 2019, the victim’s mother traveled and left the girl and her two other siblings with Owusu. He took undue advantage of the absence of the victim’s mother and made advances at the victim to have sexual intercourse with her but she refused.

Not being satisfied with the results of his quest, he entered the victims rooms at about 11 pm on August 12

On August 12, this year at about 1100 hours, while the victim was in their room, Owusu entered the room, locked the door, held her forcefully by the two hands. He succeeded in committing the crime of having sexual intercourse with the minor.

She screamed as loud as she could but, the hungry Owusu whose mind was clouded by criminal lust went on and on and on until he had satisfied his lust and taste that will land him in jail for 15 years.

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Instructions from Owusu to defiled girl

Just like other like minded persons, he sheepishly warned her not to report the matter to anyone and that she will die if she did.  This made her not to reveal to any one the painful experience she went through.

Owusu, believing he has gotten the vulnerable girl on a silver platter kept taking advantage of the girl with every opportunity at his disposal to sleep with the girl against her wish until she narrated her ordeal to her father on Friday, August 30, 2019.

The District Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) at Twifo Praso was contacted and the issue reported to them. Owusu was then arrested. Police report following a medical examination indicated that the girl had been defiled.

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