Youth Employment Agency pays sanitation workers Ghs100 a month: owes 4 months arrears

A sanitation officer who gave his name as Abotsi with the Youth Employment Agency has lamented that he and others who work under him are paid just GHS100.00 a month, however, the meagre salary has always been in arrears. While speaking to Onua FM on their morning show. The reality is that this pay in itself is below the minimum wage that by law should be paid to persons employed in Ghana.

According to the sanitation officer who spoke with Onua FM and monitored by, their salary of GHS100.00 was in arrears up to 8 months but he and his colleagues were paid four months salary. Currently, his salary is in areas for another 4 months. He added that this is seriously hampering the ability to work and take care of his family.

Because of this, they are unable to take care of themselves and their family. He said his account is zero-zero, his child has passed the WASSCE for the university but because of the delays in the salaries which at a point in time was over a year, they just can’t do anything.

The sanitation officer interviewed at the Nima Kizito Roman Catholic School area on the state of sanitation in the area.

According to him, they have had hints of an increase but they are yet to receive any confirmation. Many of his colleagues have passed on because of the current situation. He said they are provided with the needed working tools. He as a leader has so many persons under him.

The officer lamented that, although they have bins, members of the communities dump refuse into the drains. In a related development, a Ghanaian chased a foreigner on the motorway and stopped him, instructed foreigner to go back and pick the refuse he threw out of his car. The Ghanaian took a video of the event which was also discussed on the morning show.

Aunty Lidia whop fried buff loaves also added that they refuse in the gutter is really a problem, the rainwater also brings in more refuse whiles other persons also empty their bins into the drain.

The host of the program made a revelation that, sometimes, officers in charge of paying such hard-working personnel hold on with payment of salaries even if they have received the fund and rather invest the money in treasury bills. They only pay after such investments have matured and funds have been released.

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