Who is Prophet Passion and The Passion Java Ministries

Prophet Passion Java is one of the few men of God that has taken the world by storm through the power of the social media to reach millions around the world each time the Java Ministries organizes a religious program.

He is one minster of the gospel that, keeps challenging Christians of today with thought provoking wisdom. His wise sayings cut through spirit and soul and lay bare truth at your door steps and make you wonder why I have not known this all this while.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” AND “ If you don’t like something change it and if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it” are two of his statements that cannot go unnoticed on social media. Every morning, new insight is shared with his followers on his facebook handle Passion Java.

Prophet Passion Java happens to be based in Jamaica but originally from Zimbabwe and was born on October 28, 1988. Research on Prophet Passion Java shows that he has claimed to be gifted as a prophet. The man of God is married to an Ethiopian lady by name Lily Tsegaye. This was after he had divorce his first wife Yasmin in 2015.

Prophet Passion Java
Prophet Passion Java

Prophet Passion Java was a member of the Tabernacles of Grace Ministries before parting ways to form his Church, the Java Ministries.

The popularity of Prophet Passion Java

His popularity soared in South Africa where he was able to tell the identity numbers of strangers who came to his programs. His fame was the result of his jaw dropping miracles over the years and other spiritual acts he performed. He has become a household name, personality and a source of inspiration for his congregations around the world. The Passion Java Ministries has grown from strength to strength but the prophet has also been described in other circles as one of the modern prosperity preachers.

Many have questioned his source of power while others believe he is using black magic to perform his miracles. He leaves a flamboyant life-style and shares videos and pictures on social media to suggest that. One great achievement of this young man of God is his passion for music which led to the establishment of a music studio to help gospel musician produce their music for free.

Today, his popularity on social media has been tremendous and continuous to increase by the day. Live programs on Facebook have benefited the ministry to a large extent with many across the world watching him live as he delivers his sermons.

Controversy and Prophet Passion Java

He has not been able to avoid all the controversies that make headlines but one thing is certain, that, he has teaming follows that is growing so fast. Prophet Passion Java was in the news in 2015 when he was accused for saying he is an affiliate church to his former church headed by Tudor Bismarck.

In Ghana, many are following him in silence and soon the buzz that has caught up with many on social media will be in Ghana as well. Just like other religious leaders, he has written books and sells other objects of worship such as oils and face towels believed to contain the power of God.

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2 thoughts on “Who is Prophet Passion and The Passion Java Ministries

  1. My name is Gillian from Zanzibar Tanzania.Am very blessed by the prophet passion Java service.please can I know the time when the prophet is conducting the service live? I would like to watch his live services.

    Thank you so much,be blessed.

  2. My name is Mbuso Mavimbela from Eswatini,Iam so blessed to find a man of GOD that teaches the word of God with such accuracy and is even eager to pass on the gift to other children of God, its amazing. Prophet I connect…..

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