Evangelical Presbyterian Church celebrates 2019 Children’s Ministry Day across the country

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church has celebrated the 2019 Children’s Ministry Day across the country in grand style. The annual event, which is a week set aside for children has been part of the E.P. Church for centuries.

The Mempeasem-East Legon congregation was not left out of this important celebration on the E.P Church calendar. On the day, the liturgical role: reading, liturgy, and the sermon for the day were all performed by Sunday school kids of the church as the entire children service joined the adult service on the day.

Evangelical Presbyterian Church Childrens Day Celebration at Mempeasem East Legon 1
Master Daniel Bonuedi delivering the sermon

Master Daniel Bonuedi a form three pupil of the Mempeasem Evangelical School and a member of the seniors class of the children ministry preached on the day under the theme “Call the Lord at all times.”

He admonished Christians to call on the lord at all times and He will answer them.

He said unhealthy behaviours create a huge distance between us and Christ. The congregants were challenged to call on the lord and remain true Christians and that, God sent his messengers to bring the true message to all mankind who the church must value and cherish. The preacher asked Christians to imitate Christ in all things and at all times so that they can call upon the Lord just as Christ did.

Christians were asked to do away with all unhealthy behaviours such as the abuse of drugs, quarreling, gossiping and others. If Christian can do away with these behaviours, it will be easy for Christian to call on the lord and be answered. The youth were advice to shorn pride and the bad habits that retard their growth as Christians.

On the day, children recited memory verses, proverbs, and other educative poems and Presbyterian hymns which did not only feed the souls of congregant’s present but also inspired congregants to hold on to their Christian faith. The memory verses were in the mother tongue –The Ewe language with a few in English, French and Asante Twi.

Some children of the Mempeasem-East Legon congregation of the E.P. Church were awarded for their hard work, discipline, punctuality and other related virtues to inspire them to continue to uphold them and also encourage others to emulate their colleagues.

The children performed a sketch which was their own creative work based on the theme for the day. The day was rounded off with an appeal for fund to support the work of the Children Ministry of the church.

In a related development, the children visited the Teshie Children’s Home a day earlier as part of the week-long celebration.

They were educated on the need to aim high in life and take their education serious by educationists during the course of the week, to whip up their interest in school so as to become not only educated by empowered to achieve greater heights in future. During this all important event elders of the church present used the opportunity to share very heartwarming ideas with the children on education and why they make good use of the opportunity presented them by their parents, guardians and teachers.

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