Weird News: Wonders shall never end’ This Photoshop is a reality in SHS

In recent times, nothing is surprising for all you ever imagine existed in an alien world really exists here on earth and it is just a matter of time before you come face to face with one.

The youth of today are addicted to the internet and are also ready to share anything just gain followers, recognition, and fame.

A young Nigerian lady shared a photoshopped image of a female student without a head plating the hair on the head of another without a body.

Our investigations on this picture have revealed deep-seated secretes. People newsghana24 interviewed revealed that this is a high possibility as some students possed some supernatural powers. A commentator on our social media handles said, his/her sister had indicated that there was a student in her school who was suspected of being able to do this and that, that particular female student always had a new hairstyle in the morning. Others are however of the view that those who believe such students existed were hallucinating.

However, the fact remains that strange happenings occur in most boarding schools.

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The young Nigerian who posted the picture which looked like a photoshopped image is identified as @hauwamariam_ on twitter. She shared the weird-looking image on her Twitter account. However, many have said the picture represents a tail in many secondary schools and that, one needed to have come to the reality that such things existed to believe it.

The Nigerian lady who shared a photoshopped picture claimed that only people who attended the Federal boarding schools can understand and relate to the image.

In her words, she said “If you went to federal boarding schools, you should understand this picture. See the post below:

The reactions have been a mixed one and many Nigerians on twitter have asserted that they understood the picture too well.

A user of twitter from Nigeria said “Wonders shall never end, these Photoshop artists never cease to amaze me every day”.


What do  Nigerians know and understand about this that the rest of the world does not know?


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