The first Satanists church in South Africa and rituals


We saw it to be mere fiction when we watched on the screens where churches boldly claim they are Satanists. Blood of both animals and humans were spilled, for drawing symbols and drunk to possess paranormal abilities to cast spells. Now, a kind of such church exists in Africa.


There is a Satanist church in the popular seaside tourist town of Ballito on the KwaZulu Natal north coast. According to them, their activities as far as rituals are concerned to differ from others and as seen in the movies.


The church has issued that they would hold ritual service which would be in a form of group therapy. This is because the members are pharmaceuticals, teachers, and people holding prominent positions in the community. They said they are not the caliber that roams on streets and thirsting for people’s blood because they use symbols for their rituals.


The co-founder of the SA Satanic Church, Riaan Swiegelaar revealed that their ritual session includes reverse baptisms and Bible studies which will start in September when hopefully, the church has been fully launched and that would take place in a conference center of a hotel with name withheld.


Riaan Swiegelaar revealed that the Satanic Bible is a compilation of essays, observations, and rituals written by Anton LaVey in 1969. He shared that there is a difference between the Christian Bible and the Satanic Bible. The Christian’s version contains rules followers must follow whiles the latter is a self-help book with no rules or commandments. It is filled with philosophies one can use on a daily basis.


Riaan Swiegelaar and Adri Norton founded the Satanist church in February this year. However, it was officially registered a few months ago as a non-profit organization.


Currently, they are on the process of translating their satanic bible into Afrikaans because about 50% of the members speak Afrikaans. The Satanist church since its registration is suffering heavy backlash and criticism.


One of the strongest opposers is Thando Gawe who has started an online petition. According to the entrepreneur, the Satanist church would derail Africans from their culture and morals.

You can watch them live here



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