Dr. Lawrence writes: Dr. Bawumiah, I greet you

Dr. Bawumiah

Good Morning, Good afternoon and Good Dr. Bawumiah. In the midst of COVID-19, how is the cedi doing against other major currencies?

You once attempted to do politics with COVID-19 by comparing COVID-19 to dumsor. We had about 3,000 affected people at that time, Dr. Bawumiah?

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Do you now see why we told you to stop that reckless comparison you did?

The affected people is getting to 25,000. Do you still say your administration has managed COVID-19 better than dumsor?

I heard yesterday that your administration completed the sale of Ghana Airport Company to some Turkish Nationals.

Are you aware of that? So you couldn’t manage our resources better than to sell our properties?

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Have you now seen that giving lectures and talking theories are completely different from when you are asked to do the real practicals?

Was it a right decision to send the children back to school in this midst of COVID-19, when your boss had said we could bring back the economy but we cannot bring back the dead after COVID-19?

Would you admit that your government has failed the parents and the people of Ghana? The health minister said that your administration is tired.

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Don’t you think he spoke the general atmosphere of your administration? If an administration is tired, do you agree with me that it needs some rest?

I know Prof. Naana Opoku-Agyeman is preparing her 17 questions for you but if you can answer these few ones for me, I will appreciate it greatly.

Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement based in USA.

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