Weeping husband narrates: Nurses watched my wife bleed to death unconcerned

A weeping husband, Alex Bamfo has accused nurses at the Shai Osudoku Government Hospital in the Greater Accra Region of professional negligence which led to the death of his wife and newly born baby.

According to the widower, the confirmation of his baby’s death came as a shock to him as the child was considered very healthy at birth.

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Nurses watched my wife bleed to death unconcerned

Narrating the ordeal on Kingdom FM in Accra, Mr Bamfo said, ” When we got to the hospital, the security denied my entry into the martanity ward because there were a number of women in labour, so at about 12:30 am when I was in my car a nurse rushed to inform me that my newly born baby has passed away.”

Despite the shock, the widower quizzed the nurse how a healthy baby died soon after birth but was informed that “we confirmed the news to your wife so we expected her to tell you.”

But questioning their unprofessionalism, Mr Bamfo said, “you should have informed me, not my wife because she was in the ward and I was not allowed to talk to her.”

However, upon reaching the labour ward, the heartbroken husband met his wife in a very sorry state.

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Nurses watched my wife bleed to death

The sobbing and heartbroken husband said the wife, Lydia Asieduwaa Bamfo bled profusely to death whiles nurses on duty refused to attend to her after delivery.

The nurses claimed they refused to attend the late Lydia Bamfo because of her arrogance.

He said, “I asked why my wife was placed near her bed but the nurse explained that my wife is very arrogant. When I decided to look on the ground I saw an unprecedented flow of blood flowing from my wife. They later brought a stretcher but complained that her blood will stain their uniforms.”

“I don’t know whether they used my wife for practicals or something, I saw them with her legs raised up using scissors on her whiles taking instructions from a Doctor on phone,” Mr Bamfo said whiles weeping.

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