Sue Lecturer for cutting  uniform and  ‘honey pot’ – Nursing Students Advised

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Since the news about one lecturer at the  Madam Stella, a lecturer at the of Mampong Nursing Training College cut the uniforms, thumb and  ‘honey pot’ of students in the nursing training college, all we have heard is why she acted in that way.

There are serious legal implications as a result of her action. In the first instance, what are the code of ethics, behaviour and expected mode of dressing prescribed for students in the nursing training colleges?

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Again, what are the laid down rules by the management of the institution to address issues about short school uniforms of trainees? Her actions can be interprated to be an assualt of a kind and abuse of the rights of the students. Her actions can easily pass as violent and use of excessive force.

Sue Lecturer for unprofessional conduct, cutting  uniform and  ‘honey pot’

Madam Stella must be told in the face that, she acted ultra varies the boundaries of disciplining put in place to check student behaviours.

The nursing training college is not an extension of JHS or SHS, these are matured students who can make their own decisions.

The uniforms the Madam is cutting and calling shot are not really the case. The shortest is at the knee if you watch the video carefully. We suspect there might be other issues we may not be preview to.

However, no matter the rules and regulations governing the way nursing training students dress, management of the institution must know that students in the nursing training colleges are not kids. These are adults whose rights and freedoms must be respected whiles enduring that the right approach is deployed in shaping them into the role models and preferred nurses we want them to be.

Madam Stella and the management of the training college must ask themselves if the students were better off in the so-called short uniforms or were they better off in uniforms Madam Stella has cut through with scissors.

No matter how wrong these students might be, the action violates their rights and undermines their intellectual ability to make rational choices about what is good for them. Where such choices are not in line with school rules Madam Stella’s approach can never be an alternative solution.

Cutting their uniforms is not the solution to the problem. What we also know is that uniforms of nursing training students are provided by the school. If such uniforms have become short, what is the moral justification for the action of the madam in cutting it?

Is it to force the students to buy new ones? At whose expense?

Sue Lecturer for cutting  uniform and  ‘honey pot’

Today, the video of the students is all over social media and the name of the school is out there for the wrong reasons.

It will be proper that the students who suffered this humiliation take legal action against Madam Stella.

They should also sue the school for failing to protect them and entertaining elements such as Madam Stella.

For all you know, this is not the first time Madam Stella has embarked on this act. She might have been involved in this for so many years and feared by students.

The students who suffered this act should get a good legal adviser and press charges against the school and the madam for damages.

If they succeed, they should invest the damages paid in a treasury bill, they should plead also that the court compels Madam Stella to pay for or buy new uniforms for the affected students.

The students have gone through emotional trauma and must also be compensated for it.

For the student whose finger and “honey pot” felt the pressure of the blade, it will be appropriate that thorough medical examination is conducted.

The school must ensure mistresses do not act outside the confines of the laws fo the school is trying to discipline adults. No form of barbaric and old fashioned punishment such as cutting of uniform of nursing trainees must be encouraged.

Don’t let sleeping dogs lie, it is your right, go for it and good luck. Sue her, sue the school, get damages and invest it no matter the amount.

Source : | Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond


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