Wedding held on Facebook: Four in police grip

Wedding bells are ringing. Four men have been picked up by the police for carrying out what the Police and local authorities termed false marriage on social media.

The marriage which was organized on Facebook took place in Kano in Nigeria.

According to the Islamic rules (Sharia) law which operates within that jurisdiction, the wedding is seen as a mockery of Islam.

Kano is one of the 12 states in Nigeria where the Sharia law continues to be enforced.

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“We arrested four men for organizing a mock wedding on Facebook which has caused public outrage,” Hisbah’s chief Abba Sufi told AFP.

More Facts on the Facebook wedding

The suspects were arrested by the police on Tuesday after one of them married a lady on Facebook; the three other accomplices are also in police grip for acting as witnesses during the ceremony on social media.

According to the facts gathered by so far, the groom, one Sanusi Abdullahi, promised to pay a pride price of 20,000 naira. This converts to $56.00 during the online marriage held on Facebook.

The pride price was to be paid on one condition and this is, it shall be paid when the bride finally moves to the house of the groom.

Although the four men had never met the bride in person, they still agreed, went ahead to organize the wedding based on their knowledge of each other on social media.

The Facebook wedding and the effect

This act sparked great uproar amongst radical Muslim Clerics leading to the arrest and possible persecution of the four.

Hisbah’s chief Abba Sufi revealed to the AFP that, Abdullahi, the bridegroom even received death threats as a result of his action and was assaulted on Monday after evening prayers but they had to intervene and also look forward to the police instituting investigations into their attacks

Hisbah had also foiled an attempt by some 11 young women who were far advanced with plans to organize a lesbians wedding in the North of Nigeria in December 2018.


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