UPSA Holds Celebration Sunday Service in its New Ultra-Modern 3500 Capacity Auditorium

UPSA Ultra-Modern Auditorium
UPSA Ultra-Modern Auditorium

The University of Professional Studies, Accra – UPSA has held a Celebration Service in its new Ultra-Modern Auditorium on campus. The 3500 seating capacity Ultra-Modern Auditorium which was built at the cost of GH¢77m was almost full to capacity for the day’s celebration service.

The UPSA choir, the Inspirational Choir inspired all present with uplifting song ministrations. The Elsie Duncan-Williams, daughter of the man of God also treated congregants to soul-soothing spirit filled songs on the day.

The vice chancellor challenged of the University ProfessorAbednego Feehi Okoe Amartey in his welcome message challenged researchers to study the works, contributions and life of the man of God and come out with books on him.

The Ultra-Modern edifice is yet another important facility and a plus that goes to demonstrate the efforts of the school leadership and its transformational agenda for the University.

The school can now boast of world-class facilities including the Joshua Alabi Library, the Famous LBS block, the students’ centre and this new auditorium which is second to none from the external and interior. The auditorium is abreast with time as it makes good use of modern technology from the entrance to the inner part of the auditorium.

Within the auditorium, the atmosphere and aesthetic beauty can be related to common scenes in international universities like Cambridge and Harvard.

The Ultra-Modern Auditorium comes with a two-level car park, has a conference facility within it as well as offices. It will also serve as a centre for holding important seminars and conferences on the university campus. Its seating capacity and IT installations will surely attract the business and entertainment industry for international events and more.

Nicholas Duncan-Williams, the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International (ACI) ministry was the man of God who preached the sermon on the day. The theme was “Build your capacity for the future. He challenged students to build their capacity for the future and that, one’s capacity and development determines his or her position and success in the future.

The leadership of the University continues to demonstrate great leadership and must be commended. Everyone one who entered the edifice for the first time was wowed including students who got the chance to enter the auditorium for the first time.

It is expected that the school will use the facility well and practice high levels of maintenance culture as well.

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor informed the student body that the school had scheduled mock graduation for final year students in level 400. The event is slated for 8th May 2019 in the new auditorium. The President of the Republic is expected to grace the occasion which will be held in the GH¢77m Ultra-Modern 3000 Capacity Auditorium

The sword was cut for the commencement of the project in 2016 by the former vice-chancellor Prof. Joshua Alabi and was expected to be completed in 30 months. Present at the service to lecturers, the staff at the school’s administration offices and the Vice Chancellor of the University ProfessorAbednego Feehi Okoe Amartey

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