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Joke with these 4 rights of your employer and you’re FIRED!!!. In the world of work, many employees take the leniency of their employer for granted and think that, the employer who has decided to exchange the efforts and skills and time of employees for wages and salaries do not have rights.

Just as employees can demand for their rights to fair wages and salaries, the employer has several obligations towards the employee and his or her safety.

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Both parties to the employment contract have rights. It is important for employers to understand their fundamental rights and make sure they are respected by employees in the performance of their duties as staff whose paycheque is the headache of the employer.

Employers in Ghana have several rights that are responsibilities of employees. Take note that, as an employee you have an obligation towards your employer per the labour law which is explicit on this in Part III, Section 8 titled PROTECTION OF EMPLOYMENT

The rights of the employer include

(a) Employ a worker, discipline, transfer, promote and terminate the employment of the worker;

(b) Formulate policies, execute plans and programs to set targets;

(c) Modify, extend or cease operations; and

(d) Determine the type of products to make or sell and the prices of its goods and services.

Your employer has the right to expect certain atittudes from you that drive business and promote growth. Your employer also has an obligation to be a good boss to you, and also expects those workers to live up to their own responsibilities.

Here are four key rights your employer has that can copst you your job if you fail to respect them.

#1. Right to Demand Hard Work From Employees

Take note that, the employer was never kind to offer a job but to get hard work from you that will grow his or her business and bring in revenue. You as an employee must be treated fairly but most employees think is right to come to work and not work as a way of demanding for their rights.

The employer has the right to demand hard work from you as an employee. You have to do your job and do it well. If you decide to be less productive, every serious employer will demand even more satisfactory performance from you because he pays for your services in exchange for your wages.

The employer is paying your wages and demands and deserves quality work. If you think as an employee you can collapse the employer’s business, you will be out before you know it.

#2. Right to Trade Secrets Protection

Trade secrets are very important blueprints of the employer that you have access by virtue of being an employee. It drives critical work and processes within the organization. If your employer operates in the health or technology industry for instance, these trade secrets give your employer a competitive advantage over others.

As an employee, your employer demands that you protect what has been revealed to you. This information must not be shared with anyone not required to have access.

Reveal it to the wrong pupil are you may be heading to jail if the employer decides to take you on.

#3 Right to Demand Quality Work

The employer has the right to demand hard work from employees. This one cannot be bargained. Some employers will end your appointment on unsatisfactory performance and get another person who is ready to deliver. No matter your position, your level of qualification and how long you have been at post in the company, you must constantly offer conscious quality work, meet targets, expectations and contribute to growth.

#4. Right to Absolute Employee Loyalty

Employees cannot serve two masters. This means the moment you are employed, your loyalty must be in favour of your employer and his or her company. The truth is, the employer has the right to demand your full loyalty. If your loyalty is in question, then get ready because your exit letter may be “cooking” already. For instance, if you decide to enter any form of deal with customers for your own benefit, you have acted contrary to your required loyalty. You can be fired for this.

Unethical behaviours at work place that are harmful to the employers business can also create problems for employees and the employer can take action based on how severe the offense is. The absence of honest behaviour is dangerous to the continuation presence at post of any worker.

In conclusion, this article is not to say, employees don’t have rights but you have to understand those rights and know that, the employer has rights as well as a business owner and employer. This list is however not exusative, what other rights does your emplyer have that can mess you up fi you fail to honour it?

Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond

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