Vodafone Ghana Broadband internet service is horrible

The Vodafone Ghana Broadband internet service is horrible if I am asked to describe the service with leniency. Customers who patronize the Broadband internet services of Vodafone Ghana are yet to experience quality internet service that is rarely interrupted by the so called “Challenges”.

One would expect Vodafone Ghana to deliver quality service devoid of unnecessary excuses. I cannot fathom why, a so called big data and voice service provider cannot find an out of the box solutions to technical challenges that confront their operations. Is it because you are operating in Africa and for that matter Ghana?

Businesses that rely on this service are losing money and customers whiles Vodafone Ghana continues to make huge profits whiles delivering a porous service. Your fixed broadband is too expensive.

I had applied to Vodafone Ghana for a fixed broadband service in 2013 and had to wait for 100 solid days without a response from them.

I took to social media and joined their Facebook page only to drop a bombshell article on how poor their customer service and response to customer applications has been. In less than 10 minutes of publishing the news, I received a call from Vodafone because I added my contact. They said Vodafone was sorry about the delay and that they will get back to me.

About 30 minutes later the same day, after the first call, I received another call this time, they said, they were unable to deliver their service to me in my area because, they had no lines in my locality.

That in its self was not factual because there were others in my community who had internet and landline services tapped from a Vodafone pole right in front of my house.

I applied for the same service about a year later only to get the service delivered from the same pole. Gosh. These guys…

Since I got this internet service, hardly would a week and or a month pass without the internet going off. Such a big internet service provider seems not to have any automatic triggers that will send some form of notice to customers affected that, the internet is down and will be restore later. However, Vodafone Ghana has one of the most efficient systems in place that only has the capability to detect you’re your internet usage period of 33 days has expired.

This is ridiculous to say the least. About a year ago, my internet went off; I had a feeling that, I have exhausted my data. I squeeze out the little on me to purchase data to restore the internet. To my surprise, the internet never got restored yet Vodafone was paid.

Upon calling Vodafone, I got to know that, they will send their technicians to work on it. I kept calling their office and their officers receiving incoming calls kept promising that, the internet will be restored in five days. Can you imagine? I knew that was not going to be possible and I was right.

This back and forth calls took 29 days before Vodafone sent in a technician to get the problem resolved. What annoyed me the most was that, the technician took just 15 seconds to restore the internet at my office. This is unacceptable. How on earth should a service that will take just 15 seconds to be delivered be delayed for 29 days.

Lack of efficiency, effectiveness and quick response time to customer complains right there.

Before Vodafone Ghana sent in this technician, I had to be very furious and request that, I speak to a “Boss” the officers always referred to each time you call their toll free 100 line.

I hold the view that, Vodafone does not deliver such an appalling service to its clients in developed countries where they operate and no matter the geographical location, so far as customers pays for their service, they must deliver quality service that has no blemish.

Telecommunication companies in Ghana are milking customers in Africa with Ghana as an example. One cannot understand why, these telecos have been allowed by the communication authorities to run fixed broadband internet balances to zero at the end of every 30 days or so.

This way, if your data is not exhausted, you lose your data or the money you paid for the service. I hold the view that, this is broad day cheating of customers.

Why is it that, we pay for electric power but they don’t do same? Why have we allowed Vodafone to do this to customers and no one seems to be talking about it. If it is a good practice, then let us use the same system for other utility services we are offered in this country.

Two weeks ago, my internet went off once again, I felt that probably my usage had changed and so, I paid for service restoration yet, my internet never got restored, I called 100 only to know they have some technical challenge.

As usual, I got a big fat promise from a voice that pretended to be nice to me “I am reporting your case, out technicians will get it restored soon.”

OMG I said in my mind “these guys are deceiving me again. “You know what you are saying is not true; you will never restore this within the time you are giving me.” I said.

However, I have called you twice over the last 7 days and so, if you give me another 4-5 days to wait that is not fair” Vodafone Ghana never sent a technician as promised, finally, they sent in an officer who visited my office only to say, he is specialized in fiber optics and not my kind of challenge.

This shocked me because, Vodafone Ghana could have the gut to send a technician whose skills do not match the complaint that the customer gave.

I hold a strong believe that, Vodafone Ghana’s monopoly power on fixed broadband internet needs to be melted as quickly as possible. We need competition in that aspect of the telecommunication niche to drive home the delivery of quality service.

This will also help provide customers with competing similar services to choose from just as we have for mobile telecommunication services.

Vodafone must be compelled to ensure that, we can keep our used data without the need to roll over data by buying in advance.

Vodafone also wastes business hours of customers with a lot of talking by their automatic systems connected to the toll free 100 number.

It will be prudent that, they look at this again. If I call 100, I should be directed straight to say the choice of language then all the services is motioned plus the next key to press.

Time is money and sometimes, a call to get a fault checked can take not less than 30 minutes and at the end, you do not even get the solution you need. Please stop wasting our time. We want quality service and not all those long talks.

The economy is hard and we cannot be throwing our hard earned cedi away into vodafon whose service quality is very poor.

Value for money is key; quality service that wows customers is critical, internet services devoid of frequent hitches do not happen in other parts of the world and Ghanaian customers will not settle for low especially when telecommunication networks charge as so much here for the same services that cost low elsewhere.

Currently, my internet has not been restored, my data which was on my account plus what I bought thinking I have exhausted my data has been quashed by Vodafone Ghana within 14 days which is very weird. Vodafon, you better sit up. You say the future is bright but I fear because the current is not showing any traits of a brighter future. Let us see a better future in your services today.

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