Five trending apps every smartphone user must have and why

We all love hearing about the newest and best Android apps. So here are five current trending, must have apps that you need to download right now!

Android Podcasts

The first of five trending apps is the stock Android Podcasts app which has a lot of flak. It’s known for being buggy and rather awful to use. I listen to a lot of podcasts, though, and needed a new app. My go-to podcast app of choice has been going downhill for a long time now. I needed a change, so after looking at a bunch of different apps I decided to give Android Podcasts another try despite its review history.

The Android Podcasts app has received a number of updates recently. Google has tightened the user interface making it much easier to use. Navigation is simple, and it makes sense. I’ve been using Google’s Podcast app for than a month now and haven’t experienced a single issue with it freezing or crashing.

Android Podcasts app
Android Podcasts app

This app also has a new play anywhere feature. Do you have multiple Android devices? If you do, you need to seriously consider this podcast app then. I can start a podcast on my phone, pause it, and pick up where I left off on my Android TV device.

Apple Music

Apple Music is a weird recommendation for a list of Android apps, and second of our fivee trending apps for your smartphones but hear me out. Apple Music deserves a spot on this list. Here’s why.

Most households aren’t strictly all Apple or all Android households. Most households have a mix of devices. It was hard to find a single music service that could function on every device in your house. Most people want a single service as well. People only want to subscribe to the family package and not pay for multiple services. Apple Music gives consumers another option. For that reason alone, it’s worth downloading.

Apple Music
Apple Music App

Steam Link

Gamers will be familiar with Steam, but did you know they now have a Steam Link in public beta on the Google App store? The Steam Link app allows anyone to stream their Steam library from their gaming PC to their Android-powered device. This includes Android TV devices. If your gaming PC is in another room, but you want to play a game on your amazing HiDef 4K TV, the Steam Link app makes that process incredibly easy. It’s also free!

seam link
seam link app

Google Translate

The Google Translate app has been around for some time. Google released this app to extend its translating service to the smartphone a while ago. Users were stuck having to type their text into the app, though. That’s going to change. Google recently demoed real-time translation which means people can talk to others in different languages in real-time. We finally have real-life Babble Fish! This service isn’t perfect yet, and it’s still in beta. It’s worth checking out, though. This app deserves to be in the five trending apps for real.

Google Translate app
Google Translate app

Files Go by Google

At number fve, on the five trending apps is a google innovation for storage. Managing storage space on your smartphone can be difficult. Apps now easily use gigs of space. We have all become rather picture happy, too. Smartphone storage space also comes at a premium cost. Managing storage space on an Android device has never been easy. Apps like Files Go lets people track their storage space, clean it up, and find their files easily. It’s free, must have and trusted app for any Android device owner to have.

files go by google
files go by google app

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