Enemies of the State and Education

Ghana as a country has lost focus and this is as a result of pure and unadulterated greed among leaders, politicians and the citizenry at large. In secondary school I learnt about the scale of preference in economics, this is how wants are arranged in order of importance, the keyword is importance.

When you have many things to attend to, it’s only wise to attend to them beginning from the ones that are most important. For instance, a doctor who needs to wash his car and also have to be in the theatre at the exact same time will evidently attend to the patient in the theatre then later go to the car wash, that is what is termed priorities.

New Junior High School Uniforms
New Junior High School Uniforms

We tend to address trivial issues whiles we ignore the important ones. Recently the government cancelled levies being collected at all public schools including examination levies, this forced teachers to write the end of term examinations on a chalkboard.

This initiative was implemented with the promise that funds will be provided to schools to enable them to print out their questions but rather, unfortunately, the funds never came.

We then heard of the introduction of new school uniforms of the Junior High School students.
The change of the uniforms is fine because that was what the incumbent promised us “change” but the timing is wrong. These uniforms are not free, they are to be sold to the parents who the government thought teachers were placed under financial burdens and are gradually being forced out of accessing free basic education for their wards.

One could say that the minister cancelled internally generated funds in schools in order to sell their “uniforms” with ease. Later, the information that was brought to the public was that the company that got the contract to sew and sell these uniforms is a week old company owned by the younger brother of the minister (family and friends).

Obviously, this brother has no experience to produce in large quantities, that’s if he has any experience at all. Our dearly beloved minister sent our children to the primitive days at the end of the term, just to sell uniforms. This is how our leaders prioritize our well-being with their own selfish ambitions.

One reason given for the introduction of the “ugly” new uniform was that it will prepare the students psychologically for high school. The first time I saw the post I laughed because we voted for people who see themselves as puppeteers who believe we will swing to any direction they wish by the pull of a string.

If the “ugly” new uniform is to prepare the students psychologically for high school? Should the rest of us purchase the uniform too, because we were not prepared for high school, I believe that accounted for the unreasonable failures in WASSCE experienced in the past years. Since most of our leaders entered high school without being psychologically prepared for it, that explains their decisions and the state of our nations. It’s a pity we voted for psychologically unprepared people to lead us. It’s tragic.

This article is to be used to start a revolution against these uniforms. #we_dont_need_it.
Arise Ghanaian youth, for your country else these blood-sucking creatures will suck Ghana dry and we will have nowhere to live in the future. We demand a total change in governance. We need patriots in leadership. The ones we have now, I don’t know whether they are patriots or enemies of the state (may their works find them out). Whichever way, we are no longer interested in the games they are playing with us.

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