Videos: Stubborn Ghanaians Chopping Slaps – Coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown

Video of stubborn Ghanaians has emerged showing how some stubborn Ghanaians were chased back into their homes for refusing to obey the lockdown orders.

So, our night reporter has finally filed. The young man thinking he is stubborn, decided to step out after the midnight deadline. When questioned, he was doing guy guy…the next thing we see is a hot rabbit chase amidst stumpings and shouts of “awurade mawuo”

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Ghanaians must know that the need to be disciplined during the COVID-19 fight is more is now for the safety of the world, this nation, and each of us. Do not attempt to break the law, the security officers may have to apply the needed force if we fail to fall in line and respect the law.

Videos: Stubborn Ghanaians Chopping Slaps-Coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown video 1

Coronavirus lockdown video 2

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