Corruption is winning in Ghana

Take it or leave it. Corruption is winning in Ghana and Ghana is losing the fight against the canker that hasdevastatedAfrica.Corruptionand scandals have become predictable in Ghana far too easy.

This isbecauseyou can tell with a high level of accuracy that, at least one corruption-related story will make the headlines on a weekly basis.

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Today, another one has hit us hardandthat is the story of “OverGHC1milliongone missing under Communications Ministry” how? Well, your guess is as good as mine. The Herald uncovered massiverotat the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC) and this one just like others will be swept under the carpet so quickly so easy.

Again, those protecting the public purse are emptying it intentionallyorunknowingly. Let me say, they are intentionally hurting this nation by not seeing their acts and scandals as those which qualify enoughto be called corruption.

However, no Ghanaian today needs a dictionary definition of corruption. We all can explain it in using our lay man understanding.

Corruption has been made more attractive today

The “good thing” for those engaging in these acts in government is that the president seems to over trust them and sees the corruption red flags been raised as mere speculations.

Even if there are video evidence and facts to prove, the best such persons get isto beasked toproceedon leave. The truth is that politicians will never ever punish their own on corruption allegations.

Other countries,developmentpartners and foreign missions in Ghana do not needto betold corruption is endemic, chronic andcontinuoustoflourishin Ghana. The latestto beshocked by the high level of corruption that has grown thick roots in government is the Australian High Commissioner to Ghana.

Mr. Andrew Barnes, please I am shocked you are shocked. How can you be? Corruption has become our middle names. When you hear corruption, you are likely to turn to see who is calling or who is been called. We are not going to stop any time soon unless the corrupt leaders are voted out.

The Netherlands Ambassador to Ghana, RonStrikercalled for a “Ghana Beyond Corruption”. Come and see how people ingovernmentand their supporters wanted to “chew” him alive. The truth is bitter.

Sadly, the electorate seems to be hypnotized and when your party is is in power you see nothing wrong with its leaders being corrupt.

Who can answer this corruption question?

Let me ask one simple question. If Ghana was the century-old family business of the president of the Republic of Ghana or any of his political appointees, what would have been their actions and reactions if their employees were tagged with scandals and corruption allegations?.

Furthermore, corruption has gained citizenship status in Ghana by adoption. It has given birth to children and they are also bringing forth babies. Corruptionwill engulf us all and soon it maybecomethe name of our capital city.

If any politicians says he is notcorruptand has not engaged in anycorrupt practice or has not seen it going on, raise your hand, and resign from your post. Ghana smells bad with the corruption odour. Take it or leave it.

Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond |Human Rights Activists|Author| Public Speaker| Budding Leadership and Research Expert |Educationist and Author |

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