{VIDEO} SHS Students CHEW mouth and SMOOCH body in class

A leaked video released into the public domain has secondary school students romancing. The said leaked video has broken the internet.

Four pairs of boys and girls in SHS decided to go on a romancing spree after school in their class.

They paired and took positions at the corners of the classroom, the teachers table was as not spared “Chew” mouths and Smooch session in the class. This went on while another videoed the entire romancing incident.

It looked as though, the leaked video was a well planned round of sex related activities with the intention of producing the video you are about to watch.

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These acts have become rampant and common in our Senior High Schools where leaked video of sex related materials and smoking have made their way onto social media.

Students romancing in such a manner only indicates the young ones in secondary schools are sexually active and may be giving less attention to their books. This puts the huge investment their parents are making into their lives for the future in danger.

Since the video was released, it has gone viral on social media. In the video, the students were in pairs with each pair comprising of a male and a female.

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It is not so easy to tell the school in which the leaked video was taken but it looks as though it might have been students from Nigeria Senior High School per the discussions of social media users.

Source: NewsGhana24



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