4,500-year-old Ancient Egyptian Mommy Excavated in Giza

Image by albertr from Pixabay

Archaeologists have excavated a 4,500-year-old Ancient Egyptian Mommy in a tomb close to the Pyramids of Egypt in Gaza. The burial ground is believed to date back into around 2500 BEC. The tomb has several other remains of very high profile Egyptian officers who served under the Pharaoh in their days.  The limestone family tomb has the remains of Egypt’s fifth dynasty of the 25th to the 24th century BCE.

The mummies in the tomb include Behnui-Ka. He had seven (7) titles during his time. He was a judge and a priest among others. He was known as the “chief of the great state” History has it that, he built the second of the three pyramids of Gaza and rules for 25 years.

The area where this discovery was made also has other wooden coffins decorated with bright looking colours and décor.

Image by albertr from Pixabay

Some coffins discovered had hieroglyphics and wooden masks on the lids. The Egyptian authorities are hopeful that new discovery will go a long way to boost tourism in Egypt especially in Gaza. In 2011, the Arab spring had a telling effect on the earnings from tourism but this new discovery is expected to boost it again.

A Grand Egyptian Museum has been constructed and will be opened by June 2020. The edifice caused $1 billion and when commissioned with house some of Egypt’s precious relics, history and all the relevant mummies that continue to attract millions all over the world to Egypt.

Discoveries and stories about Egyptian mummies continue to fascinate the modern world with amazing findings that tell the level of intelligence, innovation and sophisticated ideas that, Egyptians had several thousands of years ago.

Mummies will continue to be discovered and these findings will continue to add to the already rich history that abounds about mummies.

So far as Archaeologists continue to search for more evidence about the life and history of Ancient Egypt, more discoveries such as this 4,500-year-old Ancient Egyptian Mommy Excavated in Giza will come to the limelight.


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