Trending Video: See why over 3.5k watched this football video in 30 minutes

Over 3.5k watched this football video in 30 minutes and it is a rare statistics which only this video deserves.

Football is entertaining but there are times when one simple but memorable event during the game takes the shine out of the game. It is this that is making this 6 seconds video take all the shine on twitter.

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Who would have wondered how a short video like this could break such records and get 3.5k watch it?

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The reasons why it is trending was caught on camera just in time if not know one would have seen it happen.  Oops 3.5k watched this football video in 30 minutes


In this video, a player manages to strike the ball very well yet it missed the goal post. But it managed to perfectly catch the spectator on the fence behind the goal post.

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The spectator fell off the wall as his colleagues seating up with him could do little to nothing about it but to watch him fall falling like a piece of cock at the messy of gravity.

A member of the team held his head in his hands for the strike missing the goal posts, and ignored the funny but dangerous occurrence behind the goal post on the wall.

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