6 Reasons why Chelsea Lost to Manchester United by 4-0

6 Reasons why Chelsea Lost to Manchester United by 4-0

A critical analysis of the Manchester United Vs Chelsea game at Old Trafford on Sunday has revealed 6 reasons why Chelsea lost to Manchester United by 4-0 on the night. They had no clue as to how to deal with the spirited Manchester United Side which game to the game gun blazing to wallop Chelsea 4-0.

Manchester United was just invisible on the night and non-apologetic as they completely sucked the venom out of the blues and took advantage of the errors of Chelsea to put four balls behind them.

6 Reasons why Chelsea Lost to Manchester United

#1 Lampard was not pragmatic and tactical

On the day, the new manager of the side Lampard was not pragmatic and tactical. The Manchester United new kids on the block of Pedro, Emerson, Mount, and Abraham proved on the night that, they came to Old Trafford to play and not to sit back. The team lacked the ability to foiling counter attacks.

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#2 Deadly counter-attacking approach by United

On day one of the EPL, the Chelsea team was a shadow of itself as their inability to soak the counter-attack from Manchester United cost them a lot.There were on several occasions caught by the deadly counter-attacking approach followed by Ole Gunnar Solskjaervand his charges who were more young and enterprising on the break.

Although Chelsea looked sharper on the night, the frequency with which the Manchester lads lost out during possession caused their downfall and impacted the results.

Their fundamental football errors which were unpardonable at this professional stage got them punished severely by Manchester United who took their chances.

#3 Lack of Experience and leadership at the Chelsea defense

On the night, the clear lack of experience at the heart of the Chelsea defense was the crack that was fully exploited by Man Utd. David Luiz failed to provide the all-important leadership and ability required at the back.

 #4 Schoolboy Defensive Errors

Again, Schoolboy defensive errors at this level by the likes of Zouma one of which led to the spot-kick that gave Man Utd the first goal. Errors at the back by Christensen and captain Azpilicueta further nailed Chelsea in the coffin. You cannot mess up with Manchester on Day one of the English Premier League season.

#5 Indecisive Final Third Actions

Also, you cannot be indecisiveness in the final third of the field and expect to earn a point or all three points in the EPL against a team like Man Utd. The blues were on top of the game in the midfield in the first half but had nothing on the score sheet to show because their forwards were not pouching for goal with their right attitudes, instincts, and appetites. Chelsea never managed to get the goal threatening killer passes into the 18-yard box as often as they would have wished and their strikers on the night. The Blues barely tested the Man Utd goalkeeper on the day.

#6  United Were Brutal On The Night 

Furthermore, United were brutal on the night. They were hungry for victory and the three maximum points at stake at old Trafford while Chelsea looked like they came to play mere football.

When you are playing the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and the likes in the English Premier League, you must be conscious of the abilities and pedigree of your opponents and be more tactical and defensive minded while going forward during possession.

This is one of the best ways to stay afloat in the Premier League against the big and the so called small teams in the EPL.


Remember on the night Lampard was not pragmatic and tactical, Deadly counter-attacking approach by United was visible, Lack of Experience and leadership at the Chelsea defense, Schoolboy Defensive Errors were common, Indecisive Final Third Actions by Chelsea and United Were Brutal On The Night which reflected in the final score line.

These combined with shortfalls of Chelsea and the Strengths of Manchester United led to the trashing of Chelsea by four (4) unanswered goals. It must be a lesson to all teams in the new seasons if they want to earn the needed points and be counted among the best teams but it is too early to say Chelsea is a bad team

Source: Wisdom Hammond | NewsGhana24.com 


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