The book, “Realizing Satisfying Marriage in Today’s World” launched

Realizing satisfying marriage in today’s world a book intended to help provide practical steps to avoid marital imprisonment has been launched in Kaneshie, Accra. Rev. (DO.III) I.K. Erzoah-Amihere, a reverend minister of the E.P. Church in Ghana, a chaplain at the Ghana Fire Service who is also a counselor and psychologist is the brain behind this masterpiece which is expected to reshape our understanding, knowledge and perception about marriage, fill in the gaps that other similar books have not touched on and guide the world at large to appreciate God’s divine intention for instituting marriage.

This way marriages will shape society and make homes welcoming, friendly and peaceful enough to train and raise godly children while spouses enjoy satisfying marriages.

Rev. I.K. Erzoah-Amihere: Realizing satisfying marriage in today’s world A
Rev. I.K. Erzoah-Amihere

Chairman for the occasion was Mr. Paa Kwesi Sekyi a businessman in his opening remarks said:

The first contract God established was marriage after creating man and his helpmate woman.

According to him, marriage is beautiful yet challenges abound in it and very often we do not understand them and that this book aims at helping society to deal with such challenges.

The author, Rev. (DO.III) I.K. Erzoah-Amihere, in his remarks, said: The book is a ten-year-old dream and in-depth research and the content cover ten years effort at demystifying marriage and empowering today’s generation”

Rev. I.K. Erzoah-Amihere: Realizing satisfying marriage in today’s world A
Rev. I.K. Erzoah-Amihere: Realizing satisfying marriage in today’s world A

According to the author, many face challenges in marriage but have no one to confide in and end up suffering in silence. He added that “The book takes a critical look at slippery, difficult to detect and complex human inclinations that have the potential to turn matrimonial homes into camps of abuse and imprisonment”

Solid and sound marriages have the potential to halt the production miscreants and broken homes thereby leading to a safer society which is a collection of good and safe and satisfying marriages and homes.

Speaking at the launch of the book. Rev C.N Agbley the District Ministers of E.P. Church, Kasoa he said that while growing up, certain statements were made about families. One of them was that, in some families, the men do not marry. There are so many reasons that account for such comments many of which are not understood. Rev C.N Agbley in the forward he wrote for the book said:

The mission of the book is to deliver young ones from entering into marital imprisonment

Thus this book helps you discover much more about marriage.

Some characteristics of humankind play a role in marriage. He was of the view that the book emphasized on many bear facts including the issue of birth position. He said birth positions affect behaviours which are carried into marriages. If one does not know the birth position of a spouse, it can create problems in marriages.  The author covered issues relating to this many more. He stressed on the fact that divorce and separation are not the answer but access to good, safe and true guidance and the book is one worth having.

Dr. Clement Kadogbe
Dr. Clement Kadogbe

Dr. Clement Kadogbe, in his review of the book, touched on issues at the heart of marriage. He said research has revealed that many do not find the expected satisfaction in marriages. Sadly, the rate at which the divorce rate is increasing is very alarming. He added that, while many are rushing into marriage, others are rushing out of the same social institution. He holds the view that marriage can be satisfying and sweet if we get the fundamentals right. According to him, these are the issues that the book seeks to communicate. He called the book a blueprint releasing a satisfying and fulfilling marriage in the 21st century.

Dr. Kadogbe referenced a picture in the book of a lady looking glamorous and labeled before marry and when the book is turned upside down, you see a dejected, frustrated, and depressed. This is what happens when the practical issues and teachings in the book are taken for granted.

He said:

Marriage can mess you up big time if you are not careful there are people in mental homes and some even walking on the street with the various condition because marriage messed them up. Some believe that love is wicked because of their experiences. The author writes such that, believers and unbelievers can benefit from the book.

Dr. Clement Kadogbe at the tail end of his review of the book described the book as a tonic for would be couples and couples to launch them into satisfying marriage. He made it clear that marriage should not be a union of imprisonment but freedom, irrespective of the challenges that may abound and one that is marriage is meant to be enjoyable. The book will be useful to counselors, and everyone. He said:

This is well reached, very deep, beautifully written and intended to be a blessing to the world at large. I will describe it as a masterpiece from a reverend, minsters, counsellor and psychologist.

Some chapters of the book

In chapter one of the book, the writer creatively demystified the myths about marriage and touched on the reasons for entering into marriage in chapter two. He did not miss the biblical principles of marriage in the next chapter and later tied in falling in love in chapter four of the book. The book brings to the fore many issues which are taken for granted.

To keep readers hooked onto this amazing world of knowledge about marriage in his book, he takes the reader along into mate selection and from the biblical point of view and draws in the qualities that are visible in godly marriages and many more eye-opening chapters in the 27 chapter book. The 27 chapters of the book will guide every marriage to a safe voyage and make you a well-informed individual for marriage and for those already in marriages.

The writer’s excellent background in counseling and psychology were brought to bear on his easy to understand explanations regarding personal inclination, birth order and its implication on marriages. This book is worth a fortune, one you cannot brush aside the moment you begin to uncover the truth in it to discover the realities that confront marriages and find solutions to many answered question in marriage and other write-ups.

Present at the launch were personnel and chaplains from the Ghana Prisons Service, the E.P. Church, lovers of books, friends, couples and singles and loves one from divorce cultures, religion, and background.

Rev. I.K. Erzoah-Amihere is also the author of Preparation for a Satisfying Retirement which has continued to transform the thoughts of both young and old and their approach toward preparing to retire, save, invest and make the best choices regarding their finances to stay afloat and safe through life and even after retiring.

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