Crunchy fried Grasshoppers – A DELICACY you have not tried

Crunchy fried Grasshoppers is certainly a delicacy you have not tried nor do you know about. Grasshoppers according to research is rich in protein and has amazing health benefits. Some scientists have called for this less known and used animal protein source to be made part of Western diets.

They are rich in protein, some essential mineral and contain lower levels of cholesterol. In fact, it is safer to eat than pork. One grasshopper contains up to 6 grams thus (0.21 oz) of protein.

Grasshopper-Crunchy fried Grasshoppers – A DELICACY you have not tried

The people of Oaxaca in Mexico consume grasshoppers just as the people of East African nation Uganda. It is served at food joints and drinking sports. In Uganda, they are called Nsenene. In Mexico, for example, it is served as a menu or a snack even at baseball games, restaurants and hotels

Crunchy fried Grasshoppers – A DELICACY you have not tried

Crunchy fried Grasshoppers Reason

During the grasshopper season, Ugandans harvest in large quantities. The people are worried because the catch when grasshoppers are in season is gradually declining.

East African nation of Uganda there’s a huge appetite for an unusual local delicacy during the rainy season.

Scientist are dedicating time and other resources to understand how these insects bread and their life cycle to come out with finding that will help improve production, continuous supply and more

Grasshoppers Harvest

To harvest, barrels are craftily arranged in rows, then wooden scaffolds are used to hold the aluminium metal shits in position, then very bright lights are triggers from the area this light blinds the grasshoppers which fall into the area and are collected for sale. The insects are in high supply during the raining season. Sometimes, fresh grass is burnt, the smoke from the grass makes the grasshoppers dizzy, and they smash against the sheets of metal and fall into the drums. Both the young and old, rich and poor harvest these insects for themselves or to sell on market days. Grasshoppers have a booming ready market where buyers and seller meet to do brisk business. A sack of grass cutter sells not less than $80.00 on a typical market day.

How Crunchy fried Grasshoppers is cooked

To get the crunchy fried Grasshoppers ready for serving, the legs and wings are removed, the meaty part from the head to the tail end is then washed well under running water or they are poured in basked and washed with water. This helps remove impurities and dirt.

The edible part is then dried on paper or a wooden surface for not less than an hour and not more than 2 hours to drain the water in it.

Ingredients need to cook the meaty part are dressed grasshoppers, olive oil, salt and pepper. While some fry it, others boil it.

Other methods of cooking grasshopper to get the needed variety include Garlic butter fried grasshoppers, Grasshopper fritters, Grasshopper skewers, and Sautéed grasshoppers.

Give it a try and you will love you did.

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