Textbooks not most important in teaching – NAPO to Minority

Textbooks not most important in teaching by the Education Minister Dr. MathewOpokuPrempeh has angered alot of stakeholders in education and the general public.

The outcome of a dentist as education minister is visible in the Ministry of Education a commentator said. Teachers, countless educationist and the general publicare finding it difficult to comprehend why the Minister of Education is still at post.

The latest pronouncements of Education Minister Dr. MathewOpokuPrempeh that Textbooks are not most important in teaching has according to the teaming teacher in Ghana revealed that the minister of education does not know anything about education no matter what he thinks he knows.

Education Minister Dr. MathewOpokuPrempehhas said providing teachers with textbook without the needed teachermotivationis a misplaced priority call by the opposition.

I decided to school my self to first understandmotivation. To motivate means to stimulate the actions of others toaccomplishset goals andobjectives. In education,the availability ofneeded resources especially quality and relevant text books is key to enabling teachers deliver on the job and be motivated.

How come a minister with a health background thinks teachers do not need text books? The truth is that, health expertsdon’tneed to very often consult their text books but teachers and learners need it.

The minister’s view-point that teachers in Ghana do not need textbook because that is not a tool for teaching in school by teachers but the curriculum is laughable. How many teachers did our minister of education contacted to come out with such a belief which is far from the truth?

Teachers Descend on Dr. Mathew OpokuPrempeh on social media

The minister has no knowledge aboutmethodology.He should go to any training college and amethodologytutor will teach himthe importance ofthe textbooks inline the syllabus and the teacher guide.

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Those of us who are teachers understand this statement from the minister, if you have all the textbooks and you are not motivated would you like toremainin the classroom and teach?

This shows that he has no knowledge in teaching and learning. He is only enjoying from the hard work of his deputy.

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I am sorry the technocrats in the education sector in Ghana are silent in themannerreforms and reviews in the pre-tertiary levelare being implemented.

From all indications, Textbooks not most important in teaching did not go down well with the people of Ghana.

Some are of the view that Curriculum review can’t appropriately be without the accompanying documents are not attached.

Policies have accompanying regulations that directoperationalactivities.From study,curriculum materials include syllabus , textbooks,pupils books and other related topics approved by the MOE/GES and published by authorized companies. The MOE/GES haveto the best of my knowledgehave not approved any book of study for schools from KG to the primary.l hope the MOE/GES will sit up.

Can’t we really analyse this issue beyond sentiments? He used the word ” most”. He never said they’re not important. if textbooks not most important in teaching, what is another quized rather angry.

Napo. You are a dentist but not a teacher. You have never been to any teacher training college so lying there. Admit your faults and shut up. You dentist what do you know about teaching.

NAPO has messed the education system in this country, the guy has no idea what education is all about, I think he is a mechanic. Pick and act ministers are ruling the country

If a misled President appoints a minister, he will surely mislead his ministry.Napois a disgrace to GH education. He is the biggest disaster to hit the education ministry.

Ghanaians have now realized why Trainees Teachers were calling the immediate sack of that Education Minister MatthewOpokuPrempeh.

He is highly incompetent and ignorant about his field of work. How should a President appoint a person holding Dentist Degree to control and manage the Education in the country

Super incompetentNapo.Wabonpaaaaaa. Is that why you are sending our kids tocafefor no good reasons. Where did you school at all and who put that idea into your head.

I don’t think this minister understand the meaning of teaching and education. No wonder sleeping government at meeting. Food and beverage education minister.

In fact I’m highly disappointed in this government, why can the sack this man from the office

Government shifting blame for rushing curriculum change

The government shouldinformteachers that it was illpreparedfor the change in curriculum and that, its timing was wrongrather thantry to justify the reasons why government has not supplied text books to schools for effective teaching and learning.

Every level of education has required text books recommended for teachers and students. Is my minister of education saying, his lecturers and teachers while he was in school never used recommended text books?

He said, “every teacher will tell you, through teacher training, no class from KG to University uses the textbook to teach. If textbooks were ones that teachers will teach from, why did we send monitors and supervisors and head teacher around tomonitorand mark teachers by the lesson plans.”

Seemingly directing a message at the opposition, he said “If your authorities will insist on monitoring teachers and that they should write on that supervisors will come and read their lesson plans, it means it is not a textbook thatis needed. We are also all witnesses to a fact that no matter the textbook that you use, for some topics, another textbook will be better than the textbook you use.”

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