Teachers blast NAPO over “Textbooks not important …”  comment

NewsGhana24 has been sampling comments by teachers across Ghana on the “Textbooks not important ” comment by  Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh. The truth is that, a greater number of teachers are of the view that, NAPO is a square peg in a round hole for the Ministry of Education. 

Below are the sampled comments on his recent comment

The minister has no knowledge about methodology.He should go to any training college and a methodology tutor will teach him the importance of the textbooks inline the syllabus and the teacher guide.

Those of us who are teachers understand this statement from the minister, if you have all the textbooks and you are not motivated would you like to remain in the classroom and teach This shows that he has no knowledge in teaching and learning. He is only enjoying from the hard work of his deputy.

Related to the Textbooks not important comment, another teacher said ” I am sorry the technocrats in the education sector in Ghana are silent in the manner reforms and reviews in the pre-tertiary level are being implemented.”

Curriculum review can’t appropriately be when the accompanying documents are not attached.

Policies have accompanying regulations that direct operational activities.From study,curriculum materials include syllabus , textbooks,pupils books and other related topics approved by the MOE/GES and published by authorized companies. 

The MOE/GES have to the best of my knowledge have not approved any book of study for schools from KG to the primary.l hope the MOE/GES will sit up.

Can’t we really analyse this issue beyond sentiments? He used the word ” most”. He never said they’re not important.

Napo. You are a dentist but not a teacher. You have never been to any teacher training college so lying there. Admit your faults and shut up. You dentist what do you know about teaching.

NAPO has messed the education system in this country, the guy has no idea what education is all about, I think he is a mechanic.

Pick and act ministers are ruling the country

If a misled President appoints a minister, he will surely mislead his ministry. NAPO is a disgrace to GH education.

He is the biggest disaster to hit the education ministry.

Ghanaians have now realized why Trainees Teachers were calling the immediate sack of that Education Minister *Matthew Opoku Prempeh

He is highly incompetent and ignorant about his field of work

How should a President appoint a person holding Dentist Degree to control and manage the Education in the country

Super incompetent Napo

Wabon paaaaaa. Is that why you are sending our kids to cafe for no good reasons. Where did you school at all and who put that idea into your head.

I don’t think this minister understand the meaning of teaching and education. No wonder sleeping government at meeting. Food and beverage education minister.

In fact I’m highly disappointed in this government, why can the sack this man from the office. Textbooks not important, do you agree with this? Let us know.

Source: NewsGhana24.com 

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