Teachers must not risk helping 2022 WASSCE candidates to cheat

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  • Don’t help 2022 WASSCE candidates to cheat in the exam, teachers advised.
  • Obey the examination rules and perform your task as temporary staff of WAEC and have peace of mind.

Tomorrow, 5th September, marks the commencement of the main WASSCE 2022 examination. The Ghana Education News team has called on teachers who will be serving as invigilators, supervisors, etc to be guided by the highest ethical principles and values of the teaching profession and the rules of the WASSCE.

Calling on the teachers to help uphold the integrity of the examination, Mr. Wisdom Hammond, the editor of Ghanaeducation.org said “teachers must not make the mistake of trying to help candidates illegally to engage in examination malpractice. Teachers will be very unwise to risk their lives, profession, and source of daily bread.”

If you are caught, the Ghana Education Service and its council may terminate your appointment, your details will be splashed in online and offline news and the disgrace that will come with it will be unbearable.  He added.

The work of the students is to go into the examination hall and obey the rules of the examination while justifying the investments the country through Free SHS has made for them. He called on WAEC and the Ghana Police to also beef up their security systems to arrest teachers and syndicate groups who may leak papers.

WAEC must also not defend itself unnecessarily but collaborate with stakeholders including the Africa Education Watch to ensure illegal activities reported are taken up with a united front to ensure the sanctity of the examination and the credibility of WAEC is protected at all times.

Teachers have done their best for the past two and half years teaching these candidates for the examination. As a teacher, you have a family be it an extended family or a nuclear family, and you may have dependants as well as plans of where you want to be in the next five or so years.

“Do not risk any of these plans for these candidates. If you are caught in the act of trying to help candidates whose parents will not help you after you have been arrested.” He stated.

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“Teachers serving as invigilators or supervisors must be wise. Those who are not working for WAEC but feel they need to help the candidates to cheat must also be guided by the above caution,” Mr. Hammond added.

He further called on candidates to be guided by hard work and self-belief while writing the examinations. “If you have not prepared well, and believe Apor will help you, it is my prayer that such candidates are picked up.” He added.

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It will be very unwise for teachers to sacrifice their profession for candidates.  The Ghana Education News team wishes all 2022 WASSCE candidates the best of luck. Let the well-prepared and serious students pass the WASSCE with flying colours.

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For teachers who will be working for WAEC as temporal staff, you have a choice to make thus, to be disciplined, assertive, and law-abiding during the examination. Anything contrary to this will be to your own disadvantage.


Source: Ghana Education News



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