Stop Social Media Misuse, use it for serious business – Oppong Ababio to Ghanaians

Stop using social media for jokes

Ghanaians have caught up with social media usage, but the wasteful use of it leaves much to be desired. Cracking unnecessary jokes, sharing messages that add no value, sharing pornographic materials and videos, and insulting with impunity are a few of the wrong use to which Ghanaians are deploying the power of social media.

The General Overseer of World of Champions Church (WCC) Rev. Micah Oppong Ababio has said Africans especially Ghanaians and their Nigerian counterparts only use social media platforms to crack Jokes instead of using them for making business.

According to him, Asians in their smart ways use such platforms for marketing and advertising purposes to make life better while Africans use them for cracking Jokes.

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He has charged Ghanaians to stop using social media for jokes and do serious business with it.

In Asia, everyday life is becoming increasingly digital, with the Asia social media landscape very different from the African.

In an interview with Akua Sonto on ‘the Sonto Show’ a social issues-based program that airs on Sundays at 5:30pm on EBN TV, Rev. Micah Oppong Ababio said people who have made it in life like Bill Gates and others developed nations do not spend much time on videos. “Use your time wisely” he added.

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“As social media has become a part of our daily activities, it is important for African youth, especially Ghanaians and Nigerians to learn how to communicate and transact business with it instead of using it for fun” he cautioned.



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