South Africa’s KFC Marriage Proposal got Twitter Going crazy

South African KFC Marriage Proposal makes Twitter Goe crazy and the world followed the trend. One love proposal was enough to cause the hashtag #KFCProposal to trending worldwide.

The video shows a man who kneels and gives his wife to be a ring halfway through his brown chicken.

The video was released by KFC South Africa and asked for help to locate the pair. More than 17,000 times the post was shared back and forth and it tarted to trend with the hashtag #KFCProposal.

The KFC Marriage Proposal video has been retweeted over 22k times and liked by more than 68k times. The couples identity was finally revealed as Bhut ‘ Hector and Nonhlanhla.

But it never stopped there, love was in the air and deep on twitter, KFC Marriage Proposal continued to trend.

Soon strangers decided to offer help to organize the big day, including lodging at the ceremony for their honeymoon and concerts.

I want to give my wedding performance for free… I love it,’ tweeted Zakes Bantwini, a popular singer-songwriter. The KFCProposal has trended in almost every part of the world including the US.

Before the couples knew it, big and small companies began to throw presents at them.

“These honeymoon destinations look a long way. Someone needs to drive them there. We’ve got you,” the official Audi account of South Africa tweeted.

Others may begin to do the craziest love proposals soon all in an attempt to catch the eye of the public and get a free wedding organized.

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