(PICTURES) Nigerian Man weds American Bride in tricycle (Keke)

A Nigerian man and his American bride celebrated their beautiful rare wedding inside tricycle in Adamawa state, Nigeria. Celebrating a wedding in a tricycle is rare in Nigeria.

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The auto rickshaws or tricycle or Keke (Yoruba word for bicycle) in Nigeria gained prominence during the historic wedding when it replaced all the posh and pageantry that comes with the selection and use of expensive cars.

Beautiful pictures from their wedding is breaking the internet for several reason. In recent times, marriages and weddings have been organized with very huge budgets and may couples have gone bankrupt even before the end of the weeding.

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Many young women have seen weddings in recent times as a means of competition and to show off non exiting riches at their wedding. The desire for extravagant weddings is putting may men off even if they are in love.

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The huge cost of wedding was not on the table when the American bride found love in Nigeria, in the Adamawa state.

In place of a expensive car owned or rented, the two couples put their creativity to bear by opting for a Tricycle.

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Many have fallen in love with the couple for choosing the Keke also known in Ghana as Kumkum Bagyea for their wedding.

Many marriages being planned today may fall on the rocks even before they are celebrated if the man decides to opt for the same tricycle or Keke in many parts of Nigeria, Ghana and in other African countries.

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Families, friends, siblings and others who witness weddings will surely make mockery of the couples if they choose tricycle or Keke instead of Porsche cayenne , Toyota CAMRY or any other expensive cars.

Marriage is not about excessive spending but making sure, you guard against wild spending on your wedding day.

Source: NewsGhana24

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