Silicon Valley ‘enables online marketing of slaves’

Drive around Kuwait’s streets and these women you won’t see. However, they exist in huges numbers behind closed doors, stripped of their fundamental rights, unable to escape and in danger of being sold to the highest bidder, this is modern slavery via the power of the internet hidden from the law and the eye of the public.

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Modern slavery is real, its market is booming, people are cashing in at the expense of the dignity and respect for other humans and their rights. Sadly the Silicon Valley ‘ enables online marketing of slaves ‘ and let the truth be told, this is a crime.

But pick up a smartphone and you can see thousands of their pictures. They have been categorized by race. These people are actaully for sale for a few thousand dollars to any one ready to buy.

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Certain listings are advertised in applications that were accepted and supported by Google Play and even the App Store of Apple and the websites of the e-commerce platforms. “What they do is facilitate an online slave market,” said U.N. Special Rapporteur on current forms of slavery, Urmila Bhoola.

If is true that Google, Apple, Facebook or any other organization is hosting these applications on their well-known sites for applications, then the must be held accountable.” Facebook said it had suspended one of the hashtags implicated after being notified of the issue. Google and Apple said they partnered with creators of applications to stop illegal activity.

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Illegal sales are a direct violation of the rules for application developers and users of U.S. technology firms. However, the BBC found that there are still many similar apps active on Facebook, as well as some other apps that are available from Apple and Google.

Nine out of ten Kuwaiti households have a migrant worker-they come to the Gulf from the world’s poorest parts to make sufficient money to sustain their families at home.

App users, act as though they own the women, urged the team to deny them other basic human rights, such as giving them a “day or a minute or a second off.”

“This is the most significant example of modern slavery,” Ms Bhoola said. “We see kid selling and trading like a chattel here, like a piece of land.”


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