African Americans discovering Ghana -The Year of Return

African Americans are discovering Ghana as Ghana marks 400 years since the first Africans were enslaved with The Year of Return celebration and programs.

What is The Year of Return

The Year of Return is the year 2019 set aside by Ghana to invite home to the mother land all disaporans who are the true decendants of Ghana sold into slavery.

Returnees of the dead forest- FICTION 

The Year of Return was put together by the government of Ghana and the tourism ministry. Returnees of the dead forest- FICTION  is an amazing book that fits into the year of return journey to Ghana. 

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Ghana proclaimed the ‘ Year of Return ‘ in 2019 and therefore is encouraging the African diaspora to visit the country. But why do some African Americans decide to make Ghana a new home or country? It all starts from wanting to reconnect with the truth, one’s real identity, and ancestral home after 400 years or more. 

The Year of Return 

African Americans have been talking about the ‘ Year of Return” since it was launched, it has gained so much attention and our brothers in the Diaspora are excited to be invited home. ‘ The year of return is an opportunity for all Diasporans to know and visit where they belong. 

The Year of Return must truely unite us all in all regards and never again in our history must any thing like this happen.


Descendants of Africans who were scattered across the world due to our own greed, loss of identity and love for one another plunged us into selling our own blood brothers and sisters into slavery instead of fighting it to stop it. The Year of Return must be a great opportunity for us to right the wrong and bond together as one people.

To tighten the lose ends, fill the gaps and patch the messed up sections of our culture, identify and bad decisions of the past right from the 18th century, Ghana a key nation in the slave trade era, is encouraging more descendants of the slave trade to come back home, thus retract to their roots. 

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The Cape Coast Castle and Slave Trade

In the slave trade era, The Cape Coast Castle was the heartbeat of the regrettable business of selling humans that boomed because the Africans allowed it. A visit to the castle and listening ot the true history behind the slave trade always bring tears down the cheeks of visitors. 



History has it that, not less than 12 million Africans were sold out as slaves. That is close to half of Ghana’s current population of about 30million people.

The African Americans discovering Ghana and their true identity 

The African Americans discovering Ghana as their home for many reasons, one of them is that their DNA test have proven that they are descendants from Ghana. 

The African Americans discovering Ghana are feeling a great sense of belonging where they don’t see color but notice they are part of the majority in a peaceful country where opportunities abound only if you dig into your talent and skills. 

The Year of Return , Diasporans are coming home

Diasporans are coming home, The Year of Return is getting exciting and Ghana is excited especially for the fact that they are coming with business ideas, to help boost the Ghanaian economy and chart new paths in life as well. 

Many of the African Americans who have moved into Ghana are also encouraging their brothers and sisters to join them. There is no good place like home.  African Americans, its time to discover Ghana. Welcome home as we celebrate the Year of Return. The Year of Return is here let us all return to the true African identity and culture, both those of us in Ghana and our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora. The Year of Return to Ghana, our home. 

Welcome, Akwaaba, Mia woe zor

Video on the Year of Return 

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