Stonebwoy Says I AM SORRY at 2019 VGMA: I’ll B£AT Shatta Wale hands down

Stonebwoy got the chance on the night to I AM SORRY. Stonebwoy spoke in Akan and Ewe as he greeted Ghanaians and his teaming fans after the issue that led to the pulling of the gun by him on stage when Shatta and his boys stormed the stage. He chanted in Ewe and then said In Akan:

Ghana have you seen the foolish things we have entertained? Have you seen it? Have you seen the end of the foolish things, and So I beg you, I beg you, the things that foolish guy is doing, he just wants quarrels and fights” He added that He will not fight anybody, anyone who fights with him, suffers for nothing at the end? He said in case it comes to fighting, he will beat Shatta like we eat Gari (Roasted cassava flour). I bed you, I beg you in the name of the almighty, please forgive me.

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Fans of the two big dancehall artists have not taken it kindly with each other on social media with most of the action buzzing on Twitter. Some fans of Shatta have come out to say, the self-acclaimed dance hall king only wanted to congratulate the newly crowned Reggae Dancehall Artiste of the Year in the person of Stonebwoy but his guys with him who were not ready to take chances and did not know the reason started the fight leading to the Shatta followers responding in equal measure. There are many fans in Ghana who love both musicians and find it difficult to choose amongst them, outcomes such as this only make more people sad. Shatta Wale might have stormed the stage to protest for losing the tile to the same man in five consecutive years. That in itself is painful losing Dancehall Artiste of the Year.

The clean and harmless rivalry between the two is good for their careers but when it gets to this level it should be a concern for the general public and the security services in Ghana.

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A diehard fan of Shatta posted on facebook that “Stone you are too known. You really have problem you are very arrogant outside stage but calm in front of the camera”

The president of Ghana in a related development has indicated through his tweet that

The excitement generated by this year’s is a testimony to the amazing talent that we have in the creative arts industry. As I have said before, my government will continue to support the development of the creative arts industry. to all the nominees.

We share with you, the reactions of Ghanaian music lovers from the social media below on the lowest side of the VGMS 2019.

Stonebwoy Says I AM SORRY at 2019 VGMA: I’ll B£AT Shatta Wale hands down
Stonebwoy Says I AM SORRY at 2019 VGMA: I’ll B£AT Shatta Wale hands down

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