Secret Video: Two Ladies caught emptying sacks of refuse into flood waters in Madina

A Secret Video taken by an unknown person has emerged. In the video are two Ladies caught emptying sacks of refuse into flood waters in Madina Zongo area. The two dragged out the sacks filled with refuse from their house onto the street in front of the house. Then turned the sacks upside down only to empty them out into the running water which had already flooded places in the vicinity downstream.

Unknown to them, someone took an almost five (5) minutes video of the incident and shared in on social media. He called on the authorities of the area The LaNkwantanang Madina Municipal Assembly (LANMMA) to get the ladies arrested.

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While doing this, one of the ladies kept looking around each time she was entering the house probably to check if they are been watched. At a point in time, a taxi stopped by them and questioned them but, just after the taxi left, they continued their act of impunity.

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These are the attitudes that the president of Ghana, Nana Addo called Ghanaians to stop to help stop the flood. It is beginning to look as though hour bad attitudes of emptying refuse into our drains is seriously contributing to the flooding we suffer in Accra.

Watch the Video >>>LINK

Accra floods are always filled with refuse. We cannot continue to mess up and endanger our lives and that of others only to call on the government to come to our aid. We must first as people come to our own aid by doing the right things.

Now that this video is in the public domain, we look forward to the Ghana Police at the Madina Divisional Police Office and the LaNkwantanang Madina Municipal Assembly (LANMMA) acting to use this incident to deter like-minded persons.

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