S3x buyer dead, angry youth attack service providers (prostitutes)

Youth in Sokoban Wood in Kumasi have vented their anger on prostitutes who operate in the brothel where they go to buy sex for money from sex workers. Their anger was as a result of the stabbing to death of a young man. They youth suspect the victim was killed by the prostitutes.

The victim’s remains were found in front of the brothel on Thursday morning. This made the angry youth in the area set the brothel ablaze. The deceased is a 20-year-old man whose name has been given as Tupack.

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The brothel (bar, nightclub or hotel where prostitutes work) has been the center of attraction due to the death of a young man who is alleged to have been stabbed by unidentified prostitutes who operates at the brothel.

Although this trade is illegal in Ghana, it has flourished underground with male customers getting what they want in exchange for cash paid to prostitutes who offer their service.

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In most countries including Ghana, brothels are illegal and prostitution is not recognized by our laws as a legal form of business to be operated.

According to sources, he failed to honour his financial obligations to the prostitutes after patronizing their service. The alleged stabbing of Tupack by the prostitutes made the youth attack the brothel with all manner of tools including sticks. They destroyed the wooden structure that served as rooms where these prostitutes worked and set it on fire.

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The inferno as a result of the action of the youth was quenched by the Ghana Fire Service whiles the Ghana Police Service was also deployed to maintain security. The police also picked up some persons suspected to have been part of the disturbance.

According to some of the prostitutes, the youth had no mercy on them as they were attacked aggressively and beaten by the angry mob. They said their personal belongings were burnt as well in the fire.

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Source: NewsGhana24

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